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I am a 39 year old mother of two boys and It has been two years since my stroke. The only thing that is so frustrating in my recovery it is not my weak left side or the fact that I cannot use my hand, I am just so tired! Maybe my life is tiring waking up early to get the boys off to school, running errands, making dinner, doing laundry. Is Life that making me tired or do I just blame the stroke? My doctor has prescribed me dextrose amphetamine to help. I now take my antidepressant at night. I get a good night sleep 8-9 hours. I take short rests during the day. Not sure what else I can do. My dr. Recently mentioned that I may have central sleep apnea due to the stroke. He is sending me for a sleep study. I guess my basic question is raising a family and running the house making me so tired or is it stroke related, I have noticed many people mention stroke fatigue any tips how to improve this? Thanks, Kristen


This will be my first summer since' my major stroke july31. Can I swim, can I take. My kids to the pool? Can I get out of the water on our boat ladder with my weak left arm, I think I will discuss trying water therapy to evaluate how I do in a pool. I am Readyto try and see what I can do time will tell, I was just curious what everybody else's water experiences have been, I guess I will know soon enough. Thanks,




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