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Highlights of simple things observed that were taken for granted pre stroke

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I have been using the bus for about 4 years now.  There are a few places I go on a regular basis, I know generally when the bus should pass by.  Yesterday was very warm, okay hot by Michigan standards (90+ degrees F 35 degrees C.  I usually go to the bus stop about 5 minutes before I expect to see the bus.  Yesterday was the same routine.  I was hanging back in the shade.  I was day dreaming about getting home taking a cool shower and just relaxing.   looked up as the bus passed by, at the estimated time I thought it would go by.  Darn it, right on time.

Of course, I had a good laugh at my expense.    Given the choice of laughing or getting mad about the situation I put myself in. I chose laughter.  Who could I blame?  Only myself.  My day dream added 45 minutes to my trip home.  The best part of the delay, one of the bus drivers was playing real old Motown.  Early Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, just to name a few. 

I had to go south to go north.  Many do not understand, It is my reality and I don’t have an issue with it.


Remember, Without Laughter, there would be tears or anger,

Laughing is much more fun.  ;) 






Those of you who have enjoyed my poems in the monthly newsletter Stroke net. Will be happy to know I have compiled a book of several poems.

You know me as Jay Allen, a pen name I created while at University.  I was under the impression, I had to use my legal name for publication purposes.


My legally given name is John A. Yurgens.  Please take the opportunity to check it out.  The book is called "Survival:  Life after a stroke.  Poems of my journey."


I am almost done with another book "The journey continues"  I hope to have a late June or early July release date, I will keep everyone informed.


Be well stay strong.





Many, outside of our world, will not understand. That’s why I write this for you.  Or US.

How many 56-year old people need to think about walking?

Just another “Step” on the journey of my the new normal.

I can’t do all the thing now that I did before the stroke.

Before, I walked without thinking about the mechanics involved

And I always had a long stride.

Recently, I’ve realized with my old long stride I tend to limp

Causing more pain in my other hip.

I need to discuss with my physical therapist.

No need to create more issues, doing something wrong.

I have an idea, but won’t try until I get the okay from my therapist

Always leave the bigger decisions to the professionals.

Simply looking for that inner balance

Of eliminating pain, avoiding other problems.

And maybe Look a bit more Normal, as I was around town.

Thanks for allowing me to spew.

I can’t think of anyone my age spending 30 minutes thinking about walking. Lol

I know you get it.

 Be well, God Bless.




there is nothing funny about having a stroke, survival nor recovery.But there are humorous situations that come about and laughter helps get me through.


At a Support group meeting this week, we discussed how we tried to "cheat" during therapy, and always got caught by our therapist or doctor.

For example; Fine motor  nuts and bolts, Holding the bolt with affected hand and using good hand to quickly turn the nut, of course faster than we could the other way, and the OT calls you out.

At my doctor's appointment last year, my doc asked my to walk across the room and back.

My wife said, oh he's just showing off for you, he's always dragging that left foot.

I said mostly at the end of the day.


I was seated and doc said show me the soles of your shoes.

She said oh the soles don't lie, you have been dragging that foot along time.


Busted, I know they have seen and  heard every story before, they can't be fooled.






It seems once again, here in the Midwest US.  Michigan Etc.  We bypassed spring.

last week our temperatures were in  in the 40 degrees F high temp daily, last two day it was 85 degrees F or higher.

We skipped spring no slow gradual increase in heat, to adjust.


Of course since my stroke, my body does not regulate temps, as I once did.


High temps, feel hotter and cold is colder.

Hard to determine appropriate attire when the day starts in low 40's up to 80 by mid afternoon.

I try to keep what might be needed in my backpack.


Alas every day is beautiful.

I'm happy to be alive and shiver in the cold and sweat in the heat.

I am so blessed to be here.

Have a great day




I've always tried to find the humor in things and I have said for over a year now that visual impairment is more embarrassing than frustrating however today while at the library working on the computer I printed off a document went to retrieve it and on my way back due to Mi left non visual field I walked right into a plaster column course my first thought was to look around and see if anybody saw me and there was a gentleman sitting at the computer and laughing so I packed up my belongings and on my way out I said I'm glad I made your day and I said you know after my stroke 3 knife years ago I'm legally blind and I said I can't see anything to the left and he says I know exactly what you mean mines on the right side I gave him the frustrating too embarrassing to painful today and we both laughed about it


I believe I posted that 3 weeks ago I had foot surgery too much walking since the stroke that's my little joke anyways last week I would had an appoint with my podiatrist and I was healing up pretty good but he had to do a little flushing in manipulation of the incision and I jumped you said are you okay I said listen. Considering 3  years ago if you'd done that to me I would have been able to feel it I don't mind the pain.

It is all about attitude and perspective isn't it?


Be blessed and be a blessing



Real quick question I met a gentleman at the hospital followed him to a long-term rehab facility got to know him and his family quite well he is now home and his wife is frustrated with her perception of regression simple question since my memory is so bad of what what I am what happened to me as soon as I got home from Inpatient Rehab is there a is it normal to have some regression in the progress moving from a structured facility to home? This caregiver is really struggling right now I'm trying to help her anyway I can I have advised her to check out this website I'm not sure if she said taking the opportunity to do that or not thank you so much for any assistance you can give me even an email address that I could share with her that she could talk with a fellow caretaker I'm fine talking with her husband because we're both stroke survivors from caretakers perspective I have no idea


My youngest daughter is moving into an apartment she sent me a text asked me if in my travels I could keep an eye out for the table for her cheap something like $20 I know what that means she wants me to hit the second hand stores to see if I can find a table for her and of course purchases it also with the 9 or 10 second hand stores in and around the area traveling by bus it would take me a solid two days to go to all of them get there and then wait for the next bus. if she made a similar request three and a half years ago I probably would have taken the afternoon off and drove around to each the to see if I could find something for her alas I travel by bus so that's really not an option I'd do anything for her but I don't have two days to spend running around on the off chance of finding a table that might work
kids gotta love them.
be blessed and be a blessing make a difference everyday


Another amazing day

I stopped by the hospital first thing this morning because my to see my patient because she's being discharged and I had to give her my So Long Farewell best wishes card which I always personalized based on our conversations and she's as I was getting ready to leave she said wait a minute she locked her wheelchair stood up just let me give you a hug wow what a beautiful way to start the day then I stepped outside and the sun is shining for the first time in over two weeks doesn't get much better than this have a blessed day


Making lemonade

I know you understand when I say I'm making lemonade when God gives you lemons you make lemonade every day I realize more and more how blessed I really am to have survived for my stroke and I'm able to read this guy was able to ReDiscover the poet deep within me that I pushed aside all those years ago because of life I'm writing on average two to three Palms day and I'm having so much fun with it of course I love doing the volunteer work at the hospital I met a new Survivor last week of course ice introduce myself and said hey how are you today and she says well considering I had this stroke and I can't use my left side I said well I'm a stroke survivor myself and if she almost cried she said yeah I've never known anybody that has survived a stroke I was just sitting here wondering what lies ahead for me I told her with hard-working and determination there are many possibilities for her just as well I want to be able to walk like you do I said you know what with hard-working and determination you may end up being better than me I did tell her to that there's always room for improvement I've noticed this last week my walking has improved tremendously God bless you all let us all make a difference everyday doesn't matter how big or how small let's try to make the world a better place one person at a time it may involve only saying good morning to somebody but we can make a difference


Saturday is one of my typical days to do volunteer work so December 31st which was a Saturday I was here and there were no stroke survivors for me to meet with but one of the nurses asked me if I would talk to another gentleman turns out he survived two stroke 18 years ago but he was in the hospital receiving radiation therapy so we chatted for a little while and finally he says to me Jay I have to tell you I can tell by the tone of your voice just what a caring compassionate person you are I said thank you so much mr. D that's one of the nicest things I've ever heard then he said you're a beacon in the darkness and you brighten my day and I said mr. Dean but you telling me that you brighten my day it really is a two-way street isn't it and we just took hold what an absolute blessing to be able to bring joy to someone just simply listening and listening to stories and and sharing.
Peace love and joy.
May 20th may we all have a happy healthy prosperous 2017


I have always made peanut brittle. As Christmas presents. I use a multigenerational recipe. Three years ago i had my stroke the weekend i had planned to make it.

Since then when i want to make my brittle i have to arrange for adult supervision . Last year my sister inlaw agreed. This year decided. It is a new tradition for us. We have fun. I am so blessed.


I received a call from a worker at local SSA office.


My disability is APPROVED.


Only 3 year. Now I can get on with my life.

Happier dance. I would like to kick my heels but I know I would end up falling not worth trying.


Now I can breathe.


Annual CT done

Hesitate in both beyond surgeon and neurologist have copies.

As I was reviewing at library a friend who is a RN.


She said the most important thing is the findings.

Comparison to past few years of CT.


"Stable and unchanged examination.


Yes I'm doing the happy dance but well aware docsnay see something in the report that I don't understand.


Peace out and have a great day.



the sun is shining and it's a beautiful November day it is 25 degrees F outside 2and the sun is shining and as long as your block from the wind like I am right now it really is a beautiful day and it's amazing I am so humbled to be here to appreciate it


this past Saturday November 12th I celebrated my 3rd anniversary as a member of the exclusive Club of stroke survivors I have decided that there's no sense counting months anymore I'm just going to tell me yours must be I'm moving further along on my road of renewal God bless and be well my friends


Yesterday waiting for the bus at the main transfer, I was talking ,as always, with another patron, a young woman. Just small talk about riding the bus the weather etc.

Then she suddenly asked do you have someone, with a pause I waited for the rest of the question. I final said,im sorry I don't understand the question. She daid do you have someone a girlfriend or wife? I said yes I have a wife

She replied too bad because I would be interested. I told her it was flattering.

Well it's true.

So is it m yu cognitive impairment? Or the fact I haven't been out there in over 30 years.

I was simply being cordial with a fellow bud rider.


Wow what an amazing event.

It was so good to so many former co-workers, so many hugs.

A special acknowledgement, from the Executive Director.

One of a few that saw me in the hospital.

"So Glad you could make it and we all miss you."


I had to fight back the tears, once again so blessed and humbled.


A good friend of mine has been sick for a couple of weeks a couple of her children as well as well I had to top it all off on Monday afternoon her mother passed away I sent her a message today offering my condolences and I did tell her if you need anything you let me know although I don't know how much assistance I can be I have no money I travel by bus I can't see and I walk really slow

She is one of the regular bus drivers I see on a daily basis I'm sure she said she sent a response back and I know she was laughing so I'm glad I was able to put a smile on someone's face during these dark days I understand how hard it is to lose a parent if I can poke fun at myself and put a smile on someone's face that's a beautiful thing

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