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    Living on angel time.

    By swilkinson

    I went to see the neurosurgeon on Tuesday. I was interviewed by a young Asian associate doctor and sent for a 3D MRI and angiogram, a brand new way of showing  the blood supply within the brain. The results were given to me by the associate and then I saw the specialist. It appears the aneurysm is larger and deeper than previously thought but at my age they are not going to operate as it would mean a full brain surgery. Coiling, one method of dealing with an aneurysm, is not an option. I think I

Cold but Dry

This week has been pretty cold we were at 6F yesterday (-15C) and we stayed below freezing all day. Other that wrapping up well to feed the horse at dawn & dusk we have been hiding way in the house all day. Not good for the diet as I'm working off less and tending to snack more! Still stable at 186lbs.   With the weather shutting down my activity I can't say that I have noticed any particular improvement in motion, but I still do my 20mins at 3mph on a 5.5% grade and it certainly d


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Hear me out.. I'm not ostentatious.. i swear

So hear me out... I'm not  snooty.. promise   For the past 12 years, I've been taken care of. meaning, when I had my stroke I was married and my husband ( now ex) was taking care of the monies and life was good . When we got divorced, I moved in with my parents so, again, I wasn't paying the bills. I have money in my savings but I try not to touch it unless REALLY important.  I found an "apartment' but went to an association and now a condom right down the road, literately.  merel


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new Year , New day

Now movement is almost back to normal and is more a matter of fatigue, in that as I get more tired i will get a little more wobbly but only slightly and an increase in concentration will often improve the motion. Still waiting on results of MRA. So a new year , and hopefully a better one than the last. Though its become apparent that this pandemic will  take more effort to beat!   Personally i used to avoid new year resolutions as a set up for failure.  I had attempted earlier in


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Where did that year go and what changed?

I am a very fortunate person, I love life, I have been lucky with my choice of husband, and with my three children. I have six beautiful grandchildren. That is the way I like to look at life. But of course there is much more to my life than that. And if you have read my blogs from the early part of my journey with stroke you will know of my struggles with the journey that Ray's series of strokes took us on.   My experience with the caregiver life along with the experiences I got on thi


swilkinson in General

Happy New year & glad to be still here after suffering another stroke

Happy New year every one. 2020 is finally over & 2021 is here, & I realized our son is my guardian angel who saved my life multiple times.   First time when he was born he was such a big baby & way too comfortable inside, sot they had to induce me so that our prince will be born  but he started to show sign of discomfort so doctors had decided to do c-section, and he was born at 9-1/2 lb & 22 inch long baby, so I ended up in the hospital for 5 days on bed rest  & ev

New year, new times, new challenges

At this time of year I like t evaluate the past year and see what worked and what didn’t. I then try t look ahead and see what we should prepare for and what I want to accomplish in the next year. So here goes.   Obviously most of us would declare 2020 was a bad year not to be repeated. Since we all look at things through our own perspectives and our personal situation, we all probably have different thoughts about the past year. To start with I try to evaluate things that were within


So Christmas has just gone by, my second since stroke. I can't claim any noticeable improvements this week but considering I'm running pretty close to normal unless fatigued , I'm not complaining. As many of you know, I eat vegan due to plaque and trying to keep my cholesterol down. So Deb out did her self this year with help of some products from Plant Based Meats | The Very Good Butchers – The Very Good Butchers US   It was a very good xmas day, starting with a call from my mum


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Pushing It?

The twenty eighth of December and I wonder if I'm pushing it.    I've had a burst of energy and been changing my step goal as it seems easier lately.  So my daily goal is now 5000 and if I feel it, will try for the 10000.     Remember the days at the hospital when 10 steps were a time to celebrate.  Then 100 and so forth till discharge at 1700 steps.     It was sure more difficult at home without someone constantly encouraging me.  Some of it was because I was using


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wanted to take a few minutes to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ....it's been a really tough year for everyone around the world, and we can only hope the New Year brings better days for all of us.   I chose to decorate the tree I had purchased at half price after last Christmas - it was a 9 ft. Balsam Hill tree and I couldn't just let it sit in the box in the garage, even though Gary passed away in Feb. (which we are now sure was from COVID-19).  Christmas was always his favor


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I am reminded of taking it slow

I had my surgery December 14 and yes my mom was able to come into the waiting room and she was able to come back into the pre op room for a moment. She waited in the waiting room and my father sat in the car( his choice) and read . I think my surgery took roughly 2 1/2 hours. I think I saw her after my surgery . I think I messaged a friend, I was very medicated. I then was taken to a room for the night. Reason being I got out of surgery to late to fill my pain medicine. My pharmacy closed at 5p


ksmith in slow and steady


Little report on the recovery side this week. I had to go down to Phoenix for an MRA, an extended type of MRI. The magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) scan takes very clear, detailed pictures of the blood vessels, including arteries and veins, using a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine.  3.5 hr drive down, an hour in the tube, and a 3.5 hr drive back. We needed to set off at 6:30am and got up very early with a planed hour just to kick back and not be rushed, Then Deb opened her


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How can it be Christmas??

How can it be Christmas??? There are no carols because singing in church is banned. There are no greetings, no cheeks kissed, no hugs, not the usual shoulders presses that our shyer members use by way of greeting. That applies to the churches,  the shopping centre or wherever friends meet. No contact and social distancing has an impact on all of us do more people are depressed and seeking medical help for it now. There are fewer decorative Christmas lights, only two houses in my street have done


swilkinson in General

Mince Pies

Single digit temperature have restricted project I was attempting to get to but been driven inside changed the focus to a traditional activity which has been neglected for a few years: the making of xmas mince pies!   Stroke wise there's not much to tell  measuring progress to date as short falls from normal. Which is itself a progress as this time last year i was still wearing an ankle brace for any extended walking and sleeping a great deal to recover from even moderate effort. Still


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Christmas video’s

Just a short entry today. As I mentioned some time back I am trying to learn to play the mountain dulcimer. I started practicing a year ago and have made a bit of progress. I am self taught so not perfect by any means, but thoroughly enjoying myself. I just finished two Christmas videos and I wanted to share them here. They can be easily seen by going to youtube.com and just typing in my name, George Gradek. There will be three videos show up. “Christmas medley 1”, “Christmas medley 2”, and “ode


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A Normal Hour

My early morning walk to the barn to feed our horses has always been a kind of datum line for my recovery. When I first got home this was a challenging limp which I was not allowed to take other than under the direct supervision of my wife and with the aid of hiking sticks. The other day it dropped to 9F (-13C) and I was moving at a slightly elevated rate of work to shorten the time and get back to the warmth of the house. It suddenly struck me as I went thru that regular routine that I was feel


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Musings and random thoughts.....

Recently this blog has become mostly historical reporting on what we have been doing and what we hope to do in the future. This entry will be a bit different, musings and thoughts that just come along, so lets get on with it. Most of us have had lots of extra time as of late to just think about things, read books, catch up with old friends which is easy because you are sure they will be home, eat into the “honey do” list, etc, etc. well, I am no different so while I have been stroking my beard c


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Wayne is 50

My amazing husband is now 50!   My next blog entry will tell you more about the market day.   Back to Wayne.   We went out for tea to our favourite pub with my parents and Wayne's mum and our kids. It was a really good night.   A few days later, we went to Perth for four days.  We did a few things, like shopping and appointments.  We also caught up with our Perth friends for Wayne's birthday.  There were 14 of us for lunch. It was really great, except walk


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Time flows

In December the TV presenters start to review the year that was. 2020 was a crazy year and unique in my life time. The presenters say this happened and that happened but it makes no sense to me and probably wouldn't to you because this was a year where we each made our own history. This was the year when I spent a lot of time alone. Time of lock down or isolation, whatever you want to call it. It was a time that went slow some days and yet at the same time seemed to go so fast with no landmarks


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I really do care.. honest

'I really do care honest' is what I say to my friends and family I do not talk to on a regular basis. I often feel that I am the one who is distancing myself from others because I can't make plans nor care to do what I once did ( i.e. dancing, going out to eat) for I get sensory overload quite easy. Now, I know that my family and my dearest friends understand I am not the same me after all of these years.    Ok now I got that out of the way.   " I really do care honest" is wh


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The Butterfly Effect - The day I had my stroke and what happened next...

It's the Butterfly Effect, one magical moment at the right place and right time can change everything.   It was August 29, 2018. I was home alone. At 11 am, I woke up feeling really tired.  I was about to roll over and go back to sleep, but then decided not to. I have fibromyalgia, and fatigue and lack of energy are a big part of it. Although I didn't really understand it at the time, this fatigue was different.  I also had a weird headache in my sinus area beside my nose on the right


SueC in My stroke experience


So I clear improvement form last year. I use thanksgiving as an excuse to put up the Christmas decorations and last year i could just manage to climb the step ladder and then my balance was precarious and i had to use a free hand to steady myself. This year was pretty easy tho I did need a nap after I finished. So while I decorate Deb cooks  a big vegan meal this time with a roasted faux beef joint.  Mental attitude has shifted also.. after my stroke i was thinking I'd be happy to make anot


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Getting Organized

Most weeks during Covid are isolation are very uninteresting, so by Tuesday I'm wondering what to write about. My self commitment to the weekly writing of this blog make me review what progress if any I have been making, which is in itself a good thing! So in this weeks contemplations I realized I still tend to watch and grade most motion I make starting with the walk to the barn every day to fed the horses, however it appears my datum has shifted.  A year ago I gauged progress from my paralysis


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