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There are just some things that weren't meant to be. I get on a roll that is fed by success of accomplishing one thing, I get all heady and cocky and think I can now rule the world. I decided to cook tonight. My choice was Shrimp Fetticini.But it would be helpful if I had the ALL the right ingredients. I didn't, but I cheated--- thank god for Bistro on the Go! Throw that baby in the microwave and within 10 minutes the kitchen smells as if I've been slaving there all day. OK, one obstacle overcome.

My 7 year old daughter wants to dance, she learned how to do the Macarina last saturday. I think of my success on the step stool this afternoon. I quickly run threw the steps of the Macarina in my head, no problem, I can do anything today.

We start facing each other. I put my good arm straight out in front of me palm side up. Our heads are bopping to the music. I try to put my left arm out palm down, but gravity is against me. Alex jumps over to help me, it is time to put the left hand palm up, she twists my arm towards me. I'm suddenly yelling louder then the music because my arm doesn't twist that way. She stays by me and helps move the left arm in each position, now it is time to shake the hips and jump around to face a new direction. I get shaking my hips, we're smiling at each other, she's happy I'm doing something I used to do pre stroke with her. I'm shaking my hips and before I know what is happening, my left leg feels left out and joins in the shaking and my balence is shot. I'm suddenly on my knees. Yup, I shook the house, I probably have a reading on a richter scale somewhere. I learned something today though--- I still can't dance.


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Hi Pam,

I am Jerry and I am a survivor from May of 03. On the night of the 15th, last Sat, I went with my wife to here company Christmas party and they had a little contest that involved hoola hoops. The last time I used one was about fifteen years ago and it was always easy for me. Well I got out there and tried it for 3-4 times before I figured out that my stroke has made it so I could not do it at all. I was not disappointed but very surprised. My wife and a few others that knew what I had gone though, started clapping for me when I went back to our table. It was then that I figured out that it wasn't for not being able to do it but for even getting up in front of every one and trying to do it. It made me remember that we cannot quit, no matter what.




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I am no longer Jean, Jean the dancing machine. But it is slowly coming back. Keep at it . You never know. I did dance at a benefit recently, so I did not go home and cry. Actually, I did cry openly at a party when I found I could not dance like I used to.

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