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more seizures

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It seems we have come to a new turn in the road. Ray had a serious seizure on Tuesday and fell off the shower chair. It took four women (no men available) to right him and get him onto the lifter as he was only semi-conscious and in an awkward position under the hand basin. One was very worried as it was her first "lift". He spent the rest of Tuesday and all of Wednesday in bed.


Then he had another attempted fall and possible seizure today and again in the bathroom but this time one of the carers held him up as she was directly in front of him and prevented him from falling. He has some bruising, both from the fall and from the "rescue". So, no more showers, it will be bed baths only from now on. Another step on the downward journey.


I was so full of hope on Sunday and am now back to having nightmares again. It seems as usual I can cope okay through the day but the nights trip me up. I wake up tired and today I dragged myself around, off to visit Mum, out to visit Ray, back to do some shopping. I felt as if I had lead in my boots.


Seems like how we celebrate his 70th birthday on Saturday will depend on whether he is confined to bed or not. I will have Shirley and co here from about 7pm Friday (tomorrow) night so they will help me assemble food etc. If it is fine we can still go outside. As long as he is either in the comfy chair, or the aides are willing for him to be in the comfy chair then we do not have a problem.


I planned to visit Mum early this morning. I knew she probably wouldn't be showered but felt it better to visit her in my time than have to wait. The facility opened on Sunday for Father's Day, closed for cleaning on Monday and is now fully open again. I felt so guilty when I found out it had been open, I rang Monday and then didn't check again till today.


Mum was still in bed, she was partly propped up and decidedly smelly! She didn't look uncomfortable though, just sat blinking her eyes and then going back to sleep. The carer who was doing a bed bath on the woman opposite talked to me as if he had not met me before. I heard all about his divorce. I should get a job there as a counselor! Seems he was not in favour of judges who award everything to "her".


All the carers I have encountered recently are complaining that the new workload is too heavy and they are not able to do the showering etc within the timeframe allowed. That is a real worry to me as haste makes for falls and falls lead to a lot of complications. I am waiting to see what happens to Mum and Ray but will be sure to complain if I think the treatment and care they are receiving is below standard now the staff hours have been reduced.


Mum was just as she was four weeks ago. As usual I have been worrying about her for nothing. It is hard not to worry. But all four ladies in her room were still much as I had seen them last. I visited with another old friend who is in the same facilty at hostel level and she said she had noticed a lot of people missing from the dining room so that section was affected by the virus too.


Beautiful sunny day today but the winds, warm though they were, almost blew us out of the courtyard so I had Ray wrapped up like a mummy. He mainly slept the day away today. :( I hope he does spark up again soon.




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Sue, the hills you climb everyday are taller than anything I could ever hope to conquer. Lesley says "hi" from "down under". She has mum's actual birthday party done with, but has the big celebration Sep 8. That one will be about 50 people.

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You are in my prayers always. It is a very difficult road that you are traversing now. I do so hope that Ray sparks up again. This is so scary.



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Sue, prayers are in order because any kind of fall with one side of the body weak is not good!! Ray has been through so much since 1999 with strokes and all but the good thing is you have been there every mile of his journey!!


It hurts me so much to see wounded veterans at the VA all by themselves in a WC and not a soul with them to push the chair! I have to think any family members or a wife is no longer in existence in their lives!!


I praise you for sticking with Ray and your mum for that matter and I have to think they really are glad to have you still around in their lives!!!

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Sue: You are definitely a caregiver warrier and have been through more than anyone should have to go through with an ill loved one. My prayers are with you and Ray always. I am sure this is very hard on you. Prayer and one day @ a time hopefully will help. You have no greater strength than that which we find within ourselves with the Lord's help. Bless you, Leah

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You are having such a tough time trying to get sleep. It has to make all you are going thru even harder. I know I felt much worse until the doctor gave me baclofen. This is actually a muscle tightness drug that Bob was taking, and I noticed it didn't give him a hangover. I have fibro and had taken flexeril, but it really gave me a bad hangover and I can't indulge in sleeping all day anymore, just because all my muscles hurt. So, anyway, since I noticed that Bob took 3 a day and had no trouble waking up, I asked the doctor if I could try it for my fibro and it is working well. When I lay down, I usually zonk right out, something I have trouble doing on my own. But I can get up quickly if I need to - no hangover. I also have an air cleaner and a cd playing the ocean in the bedroom. These sounds attract the brain and kind of block the activity your brain would like to be doing. I mean like, when I would hit the bed my brain would go into double time, like a shot of adrenaline. I hope you can get some sleep, so you will at least not feel so exhausted while dealing with so many things that are so hard. Bless you & Ray, praying for you both.

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Guest hostwill


Sue, I'm sorry to hear about Ray's fall. It's good that he is where he is because I'm not so sure you could handle it if it would have happened at home. I'll keep you in my prayers as always.


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So sorry to hear of Ray's seizures and falls. He sure has had a time lately and you with him. I hope his birthday is celebrated in comfort among his loved ones. Those seizures are wretched things! You remain in my thoughts and prayers as you try to regain a sense of equilibrium. Donna

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