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Bumps in the road.



Hello everyone, just came out of the hospital on Friday. Been in for eight days! On last Thursday, woke up with my left side hurting and my left foot swollen and hurt to the touch. So my daughter came and took me to the ER. They were worryed that maybe it was another stroke or a blood clot. Seems that I caught a infection a while ago and been diabete, cannot fight like a normal person can. My view was it could be worse, and pray and move on. So while I was getting my tests I did what I am best at talking LOL. I told a nurse about strokenet, so now she passing on the good word.


I was in a room with a lady who's blood pressure would not go down,and she was worrying more.We were by ourselves,and she was crying, so I started talking to her, explain that I was in the same postion, and by giving it to God, that my pressure went down the doctors could not belevie, and since most doctors think that they are Gods. I soon had her smiling.


Now during this time my husband got hit in our only car, by someone who ran the red light. Thank goodness no one was badly hurt, but he hit his forehead hard, and the car has gone to the car graveyard.


I have to look at this as a "bump in the road" this too will pass. Before my stroke, I be worrying, pulling at my hair, sucking my thumb, that was a favorite thing for me to do. Now, I give it to my God, tell him he has to take care of this, as Iam to busy planing my tripe to England.


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hi Englishlady :


I feel surrendering to God releases all the tension for me too. I say my serenity prayer at all the time.

"God grant me serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change things I can and wisdom to know the difference." By saying this prayer itself dials down my worrying.



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You know I learned long time ago as a child taught by my mother to give everything to God but still we try to do certain things ourselves. At my age now I give it to him and say to myself it's bigger than me and God can do anything He wants I can't!


Whatever I need or want I have to ask Him and since that time life is good to me and 9 years now after the stroke I'm still in His presents!


I'm glad your husband is alright that's a nasty hit at a red light and usually one is killed. Hope you feel much better soonest and can hobble home to rest some. Hospitals are OK but I get tired of the food and that bed. I'll try to hold down the Fort until you get back on your feet!!

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I too am glad that no one was hurt in the accident angels were watching over the situation I agree with you Fred if we give all of our cares to God he is more than able to meet our every need all he asks of us is to have faith and trust in him. God Bless you all I am Bill.

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Thank you all for your kind words. I agree Fred, the hospitals food,bed and you get no rest! Why they have to take blood at 5am in the morning?


I will remember that prayer Asha. And yes Bill, you have to have faith and trust in the Lord.

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