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Who Let the Dogs Out???



Well ever since I read Jean's blog, that song has been rattling around in my head today. So I guess it could mean the thoughts I've been thinking today. Yes, I put the words thoughts I've together, at times I do have real intelligent thoughts. Sometimes they might even make sense to everyone. I say this because of when I first stroked the posse of inlaws suddenly treated me as if I had not only a stroke but had become retarded too. I hated the feeling that gave me, so I quite happily now rub it in every chance I get that Hey! I'm not stupid, I'm not retarded, I just sustained brain damage! Besides the spouse is blond. Theres a reason that there are so many blond jokes out there. Besides if that man had an original thought of his own, it would be lonely. He has me convinced that every neuron he was born with went into the growth of facial hair.

Anyway I was chattering about thoughts. I read a post from a newbie who was scared this morning. That got me thinking and I realized that I have gotten to the point that I am bored with this whole stroke event. I'm not overwhelmed by it and it doesn't scare me anymore and I got another Milky Way today too. Getting the milky way is fast becoming commonplace, nothing to get excited over, I don't even put the step stool back in the bathroom anymore, it has a new place tucked next to the fridge. It is funny how one day a new skill is something to get excited over and a few days later it becomes no big deal. That is how all of my recovery has been. The excitement is shortlived to be replaced with getting on with it all and not looking back. I can remember when I was scared, when I had a million unanswered questions. That seems like ages ago.( Who let the dogs out? Who? who? Who? who? who?) See? I even need to write the words out? Does this mean I'm becoming obsessed and focused on details? Gee, that would be a new thing and might even be helpful to my life now.


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I wish I'd never brought up those dogs. Every since I figured out the metaphor in that song, I've felt badly over how many times I've enjoyed singing, "Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who?



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