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so happy & proud of our son and life in general



As you all know We are blessed with amazing son though some days are tough by his procrastination & being unorganized, but when he takes responsibility & does himself he makes us very proud of him. In lot of things he is like his dad where he does not like to talk about any thing unlike his mom who has to ask 100 questions to get full information out of him. & if I miss some questions then I miss the information lol. Though sometimes it turns out to be pleasant surprise. So think of my surprise when we go to his school for back to school & see his picture in school bulletin board about making it as national merit scholars finalist. It seems his dad missed telling me information about that coming in mail hehehe & kido missed telling me since I failed asking my 100 questions lol.So Anyway made me very happy & proud mom. I usually have no complaints when he tries and still get bad grades. cause I know atleast he tried. but I get mad that he will miss it about things because he is not organized & could care less if he misses grade here & there. that's the area I end up nagging him about. So anyway wanted to share this proud moment of my life when I feel oh I am so glad I persisted God gave me so many wonderful moments to enjoy in last decade.I am sure there are still plenty to come




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Your son and mine could be twins - I always say he'd lose his head if it wasn't attached to his body. He's really smart but unmotivated and could care less about getting good grades.

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Maybe it is a boy thing my son just started junior high and is getting all a's which shocks me he starts his homework at the last minute but I guess he manages to pull it together in the end. I have now started to let go of the nagging to do his homework with his grades he us managing to get it done.

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Asha, I am sure he will someday realise the effort you have put in in all that he does.  But he has to do it his way, I know that as the mother of two sons and grandmother of four grandsons.  Girls are different, they love to please but boys like to do things their way.

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I think Sue might be right--boys are a lot different girls. I have two girls and both I have to keep after to stay motivated, but both really seek approval from their parents, teachers, etc.  My oldest is 16 and she will still cry if she gets behind on her work or gets a bad grade. My 12 year old seeks approval, but will only try some to make good grades.


Helping with housework or cleaning their rooms is where my girls need a lot of motivation, like threatening to take some electronics! lol

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Asha,  you have a right to be proud!  Great news and it is a boy thing. My son is in college and he call me and say " got to go Mom a report is due in an hour"  he  get it done,   and gets  a good grade for it! My daughter who has gone back to school  she has to get an A, my son says  "even C's are a passing grade"  lol



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