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I DID IT!!!!!



In the words of the immortal Willie Nelson "I'm on the road again"!!!! Now I just need to get the spinner knob and turn signal adapter on my car. Who's ready for a road trip?? :0)


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I did a pre driving assessment where they tested my vision and reflexes and then I did a driving test with an instructor who recommended a spinner knob and a turn signal adapter. He said that in a few weeks I'll be getting a letter from the state saying I have to do a road test with the DMV.

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Thanks! My dr is reccommending a driving assessment for insurance purposes. We live in a very small country town in Indiana and I told him I have been driving some. I only drive right around my town, not too big cities or anything like that. My whole left side is still weak, but my right side is my dominate side anyway. I have a spinner knob but not a turn signal adapter. I need to look into one of those, any idea on where they are sold?


I don't mean to hijack your blog! I am sorry, its just you don't see a lot of people talk about driving on here, or at least stroke survivors driving. Congrats again!!

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The place where you got your spinner knob should be able to get you a turn signal adapter. Don't worry about hijacking my blog - that's what it's for. :0)

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