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My Fair Share



Beginning in 2003 I observed 3 years of my life pass me by from my recliner. Unbeknownst to me I had fractured a vertebrae, which upon fracturing shot off bone fragments that lodged in my sciatic nerve root. The pain was excruciating and for years the source of the pain was hidden from all the experts inspite of repeated MRIs, X-rays, tests, medical consultations, etc. I wouldn't wish that pain on my worst enemy, but I learned something from living with the pain. Even pain can be perceived in different ways. I wrote the following poem to express a change in the perception of my pain. "We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." (Quoted from Bertha Calloway)



Birthing of Angels


My eyes closed

Just long enough

To see it.

My heart opened

Just deep enough

To feel it.

My breath expanded

Just full enough

To take it in and

My spirit stood

Just tall enough

To embrace it.

I am changed

Having had


My pain

As that of


Birthing of



Recommended Comments

wow onehandedcan :


you have such a great attitude towards life & such a nice poem. could you please tell me what your friends call you



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I am amazed to hear another story of misdiagnosis and prolonged suffering.


You have a strong attitude Rosanna.

Thank you for the poem and I hope I can be as strong.



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Rosana, you continue to amaze with your consistently upbeat reaction to all that has come your way. You aren't just surviving, you are thriving and that is a testament to your great strength. We bystanders can only marvel while wondering how you came to acquire such strength.

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