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Finally got to work with a fellow survivor



Saturday was my first day actually working with stroke survivors on the inpatient rehab unit at the hospital

As I introduced myself as a patient bass and

I told the woman that I needed to Jott notes of any comments because since my stroke my memory is really bad

Her face lit up and she said you had a stroke? I could see the tension leaving her body the orealizing she wasn't alone

I told her the physical therapy is worth all the tiredness that goes with it because it pays off in the long run

She was really tired and want to take a nap but asked if I could come back in a couple of days of course I said yes I would

I actually got her to smile telling about her telling her about some of the silly things that I've done like dancing around the house when I was finally able to clip my fingernails on my right hand with my left hand which is my weak side

I told her you need to celebrate the little victories and it's always good to talk to someone who knows what you're going through the nursing staff are excellent but they do not know what she's going through I do

Looking forward to seeing her again probably tomorrow

In addition to my work on the inpatient ward probably Wednesday this week I will start meeting with stroke survivors who are currently receiving outpatient services at the hospital

Again just wanted to make a connection and reassure people are not alone I don't that was one of the biggest factors of my recovery

As I am allowed I will be introducing people to the stroke not work as well

You people on this website have been a liferaft for me many times and I appreciate all of you so much

Peace and prayers,



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I would love to go and support others and give them hope that life does go on but I tend get very emotional when I talk about what I went through I hope that gets better. I do have to wonder at what point will I not get sad when I talk about it. I am not a depressed person , in fact I am very positive. I think it is great that your giving support to others.






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The stroke recovery group Ray and I belonged to (I still belong) had several members join a mentor program where survivors talked to the new stroke survivors in our three local hospitals.  It was a great success.  Then funding was cut and they were not allowed to do it.  Such a shame as no-one knows as much as the person who has been through it.  Keep up the good work, you can lift someone up with your kindness and empathy and make their journey so much easier.

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As I begin my visits, I think about what I would have liked when I did my inpatient and out Patient.


I'm going to start visiting with out patient Survivors as well.

Again I think about how isolated I was and felt alone on the journey


I'm loving what I'm doing.

It brings me so much fulfillment.


peace to all


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