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Extreme fatigue...is it normal life?



I am a 39 year old mother of two boys and It has been two years since my stroke. The only thing that is so frustrating in my recovery it is not my weak left side or the fact that I cannot use my hand, I am just so tired! Maybe my life is tiring waking up early to get the boys off to school, running errands, making dinner, doing laundry. Is Life that making me tired or do I just blame the stroke? My doctor has prescribed me dextrose amphetamine to help. I now take my antidepressant at night. I get a good night sleep 8-9 hours. I take short rests during the day. Not sure what else I can do. My dr. Recently mentioned that I may have central sleep apnea due to the stroke. He is sending me for a sleep study. I guess my basic question is raising a family and running the house making me so tired or is it stroke related, I have noticed many people mention stroke fatigue any tips how to improve this? Thanks, Kristen


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Kristen :


I think it could be medicines you are taking. I am also wife & mom & do similar chores like you do but luckily don't have fatigue issues, so it could be stroke related or meds you take. though every stroke is different, and it is tiring to get things accomplished with just half of your body



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As achandra says, every stroke is different. I get very tired and have to be careful not to overdo things, but I'm retired and my only domestic duties are self-imposed ones to do the washing up, light maintenance and help with the laundry. I'm not allowed to even drive yet so my total time can be spent in achieving recovery! I'm quite spoilt!  I take my hat off to you having to cope with a couple of active, demanding schoolboys, as well as cooking, housework and everything else. Can't give you any advice but I can give you my respect. 



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It's a very common problem to have extreme fatigue after having a stroke.    You didn't mention the age of your boys, so I don't know if they are in school yet.   Is there anytime during the day you could take a nap?    My husband would get so tired he couldn't hold his head up nor make any sense at all.    I was careful to watch him for tiredness, so he didn't go so far down before taking him to nap.    He has just recently started staying up the whole day.   He's tried it before, but wasn't ready, but seems to be staying pretty alert now.  (3 years out)


Your schedule would make anyone tired, it's true, -but you are doing it with stroke fatigue on top of that!    What's it like when there are 3 waitresses and 2 of them call in sick?    The one left is overwhelmed and ready to fall with exhaustion, because she is trying to do more than just her own work.    Your brain is the same way.   Part of it no longer works, and the rest of your brain is trying to takeover the work and get it all done, with less resources.    Same thing.    These links may give you some insight into the problem, I didn't read all, but it's best to kinda read around a lot and get a general consensus:



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You have done a days work getting the boys off to school then taking care of yourself can get you tired out real fast five days a week in my opinion so just do what you can then take as many breaks as you need to relax....You got a very busy schedule I think...

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