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11 Yr. Survivor Turns 68 Today



Today is Gary's 68th birthday - he has survived 11 years since his massive brainstem stroke on June 1, 2004 and is thriving. After his last physical in June, the Dr. said the stroke was apparently a one-time life altering neurological event and that he appears to be very healthy and could live a normal lifespan - notice I didn't say "normal life."


From the time Gary left stroke rehab the end of September 2004, he has been at home with me as his full-time primary caregiver. We gradually weaned him off all the crazy meds they had him on - some for things that he never had (like seizure meds), and left him with only one prescription and that will be for life - his antidepressant. We were able to reduce that from the original 150 mg per day to 50 mg and he does well with it. He is eating healthier than he ever did pre-stroke and that's probably why he is doing so well. He also has the best part-time caregiver to care for him 15 hr. a week, so he sometimes doesn't like for me to shower and feed him, but asks for her instead. :roflmao: She takes him for walks, they shoot pool at the clubhouse, and the other day when I got home early with groceries they were out front flying a kite. He enjoys all of that extra special attention from her and it certainly helps me to have some "Me" time knowing that I can trust her with him. We are very blessed to have such good help.





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Sarah :


wish Gary Happy Birthday from me. I know this post stroke journey is not easy for any one. But I am so happy all of you find your new normal you both could live with & enjoy life to fullest. I & Gary both stroke same year & doing or best to make best lemonade possible



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Well, please tell Gary happy birthday for me, Fred!!!! I got one coming up on the 22nd in a couple more weeks to make me 74 and surviving 12 years after the stroke, I'm not calling it mine any more now.... 


I think the stroke hit me in January on the 15th....

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Sarah, wishing Gary a Happy Birthday. So great that you have a caregiver that

has a warm heart.



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Happy Birthday to Gary and please give him a hug and kiss from me. Your birthday present to him is at least partly his good health and good life. It has been a long road for both of you - all the trials, tests. But all that hard work finally paying off. Debbie

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Happy Birthday Gary.  you do such a good job a caregiving.  No wonder Gary is in such wonderful  Shape.  I am so happy that you have a great caregiver and are getting some ME time.

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