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From: Juggling



Dizziness and vertigo are not same thing. These may occur due to many reasons including stroke. I am having vestibular therapy,a form of PT by specially trained therapist. I had a procedure called canalith repositioning maneuvers. I take a medication used for motion sickness that really helps me called meclizine.The procedure BVVP was done on me multiple times but no relief so that suggests my probs are a brain thing. So I do balance retraining exercises. I have nystagmous and double vision also. Both have improved since hospital days but they are not gone and pop up from triggers or no reason. Stress always increases these things. I would suggest avoiding stress is best management tool for me. Yes and still practicing.

Just when progress is on the horizon,my sessions are interrupted because my insurance authorization expires. Paperwork gets done and so I return. One step up,two down.

Practice requires becoming off balance and then correcting to a balanced state. This is better in controlled supervised environment but there is homework for things not fall risk. Oh,I also take Zofran for nausea that occurs after a taxing workout of my vestibular system. Mostly a nap sets me right but closed eyes can flare it up so I look at spot on the ground.


I am hopeful that someday I will once again learn how to exist in my earthsuit.

Source: Juggling


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Sorry that so far there has been no progress on this issue for you Pam.  I know it must be wearying for you and oh so frustrating.  Hopefully in time a better treatment will be found.

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I feel for you. Before i had my stroke I had vertigo problems and trips via ambulance to the ER because I thought I was having a stroke. But nope, just severe vertigo. I have not had any vertigo since the stroke. My stroke seems to have cured the problem. Go figure! In addition to meds a cold pak on the back of my neck, face and chest helped the vertigo and the nausea. A handful of ice or anything really cold. Also sitting up and not recllining to sleep. You never know what may be the trigger to stop the vertigo and nausea. Miracles do happen in strange ways. Hugs.

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