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From: Invasive Information



I asked my neurologist about the nerve block,electrode nerve stimulation,and the pain pump. He stammered around at first saying some docs work with that and know more...I get it they do not like to step on other doc toes...so I said I am just looking to collect information so I am just asking what your experience has been. So he said the nerve block is quite common and some get them every 3 months and report relief and others did not. It is hit and miss he said.

Then he said the electrode nerve stim cannot be removed safely so it is there permanently so cannot have an mri. He said he had not heard from pt that it provided relief. He suggested I read some studies because it is newer thing using it for pain but has been used for depression. The pain pump can be removed and he has heard that it works pretty well for pain relief.

When pressed,he said it is very important that it can be removed safely and that was his main concern. They all have to be tried to determine if they will work for me. Then I said I still have more drugs to try. He said well these are very invasive and not without risks.


So that was more info than the pain doc offered. I have much to consider. I am leaning towards trying meds til the options end. I feel that needs to be ruled out before the pump. I do not want the permanent electrode nerve stimulation unless that is last resort. I dread a nerve block. I think I want to try other meds first and rule out that route for sure before I do any invasive thing.


Right now the fentanyl patch is a disappointment but I need to try higher dose. I am on week three waiting for pharmacy to get the Go to provide it.


I worry about the possible personality changes from electrode nerve stim. Of course I am on meds,in pain,so I do not want to find myself different yet I suspect I am changed by all events and indeed by drugs.


The neurologist reminded me that CPS is not something that can be cured or disappear completely so I can be sure to have realistic expectations. Yet I must believe that I Can expect to find something to find a way to live more comfortable and tolerate the pain.


He was surprised about my experience with gabba not given to me. Then he ordered more refills for Lipitor saying it is not a drug you ever want to be without.

6It is so nice chatting with someone, who understands what my daily life is about.

Source: Invasive Information

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I think you're on the right track to take care of the pain prior to going to the last resort of the nerve block be well and be blessed,


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