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Its A Wonderful Christmas

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I visited my bingo buddy. We ate snacks and watched basketballI also visited a woman who is my new friend and we watched animal planet together. She is dying.She enjoyed some Bailey's in her coffee and it has been quite a while since my life had sneaking in brown bag beverage in it. She is so fun and we enjoyed a moment. She suggested we have movie night once per week. We exchanged texts so we can coordinate a time. She thanked me for coming by and I was glad I ventured out of my room.


Then I was sitting with a woman who calls help me loudly all night because she told me she does not want to sleep yet because she needs diaper change but she just had it done. She asks for coffee all night too! So I asked if I could sit with her until she goes to sleep. She said yes she is tired and then she was quiet. In a few minutes she was asleep. That was my Christmas Eve. I was very blessed.


On Christmas Day carolers came interrupting our holiday bingo game. They were a huge group of all ages including some little ones. It was not clear who the leader was. They were funny, laughing when they were not singing together,not even the same song,and off key lots. I had a hard time with them crowded in the room,loud songs with painful off 9op sounds,colorful clothes and omg the jingle bells. Just when I thought I could not take another minute,they were handing out chrismas cards and left. I especially enjoyed the children.


I was given an outside sandwich by a cna who is an angel. I slept the afternoon after calls,texts,shared pics. I slept through dinner and concern new nurse but they let me sleep. I woke up and the k shift got me a fruit plate and my kind cna had some fresh gowns for me.

My sweet kids worked and sent some amazon treats that will come along later!HoHo!


It was a beautiful time except for when Roomie went on & on about her constipation. She was not going out so she took a handful of laxatives and My room was unliveable.But that was after her daughter came and would occasionally turn the tv volume high and laugh loudly. I left but then it went on and on.v

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You are such a rebel sneaking a brown bag into your friends room.

You are such a blessing to your friends I love to hear the stories.

You made me laugh which I really appreciate to.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to put a smile on someone's face just by sitting with them for a few minutes.


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