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A Room With A View

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I had not visited bingo buddy in her room before. Then She invited me to watch movies and ever since been eating meals with her in her room with her. Her room mate is discharged now so we agreed to request for me to move in her room. It would work out nicely for both of us. We are friends and she shared her tv when I was not given a cable box. So I went to admissions and asked for a room change but I was told social services my counselor did that and I would need to wait Until she comes in. I begged with capital B for admissions to hold this bed in my friends room to be on Hold for me. But they cant they said. At any moment this bed can go to a new applicant. Current residents do not have priority.


This room has a sliding glass door onto a patio that we opened for fresh air. Very different from my small window that roomie hates to have opened. This room is closer to activities I walk to. My friend wants me for a roommate and says she will ask her counselor.


So the admission woman came in during sunday breakfast. One of the staff told her I had moved in & was staying in this bed. My friend & I said no,I visit but I slept in my own bed. She was angry. Of course. And she explained my counselor only had power. Well I will go to the director who said I could call her. I am waiting for mon morning.


So who started that rumor? Only my roomie knows I have been out of my room so much,but could be anyone.

I am under a strain in that room with that filthy woman. Now that I am out with friends she has been horrible.


Pray for me please.

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Praying for you Pam. pray that move happens for you so you are ready to accept this new chapter in your life & start rebuilding satisfactory new normal.



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Fingers and toes crossed whenever I can spare them Pam. It sounds like that move would be great for everyone, but bureaucrats will do their best to make it hard.


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