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Ever since I came out of my room now more often to visit my friends, one of the instigating men that caused the dining room horror,has been under my feet ever where I go. OK,so we are a community here,but he seems to come along to talk to whomever I am talking to,he rubber necks into the rooms I visit,he shows up to get his nails done talks to girl doing my nails,sits by the christmas tree while I had fallen asleep on the sofa right there.

Ok my gut has an uh-oh feeling. I am creeped out. I thought to myself that it was my imagination but My friend here asked me what does he want? So I waited until he rolled near me again in the lobby and I asked him why was he stalking me? He said he couldnt care less about me. But he saw me r walk over to speak to director.

Later I was mocked at the nurses station by 2 of the 4 men to a lady I visit with.I ignored them and walked off to visit a friend here who is gravely ill and on hospice and same age as me. But mocked is good sign. I fought back again and now he will need to stay away from me.



The friend I want to be roommates with sat at the table with the 4 men the night the rain flooded rooms and people were sent to the dining room. Heavy rain and no sandbags equal a problem. Anyway they put my friend at the reserved table. She ate dinner there. No one made her move. She said maybe because she is black. There are only a couple of black residents here.

My friend has had a different experience here. A blessed event. I noticed that when I visited her. Much better than my roommates.


Her room had an empty bed and her neighbor,also a bingo friend,had an empty bed. I asked to move to either one. My friend asked for it. But*they moved in a patient delivered from the hospital. My friend says next time. They offered me the choice of 2 remaining rooms in the whole place which are in the reality challenged and not alert section of this place. Not suitable for me. I wont take them. Maybe they could put roomie there.


I continue to visit my friend but it continues to shake up the place. She doesnt understand it. I say sorry and she says not my fault.


Some nurses complain about me and yet just this morning a new nurse put my patches on wrong.Medicine isnt ordered on time.And they dont like it here when I disagree with them or expect to be treated in a timely manner. I am patient and courteous but I am not afraid to say No especially when they want to give my insulin shot an hour before breakfast. I went to the assistant director and kept my promise? I reported the mistakes my nurse made and med pharmacy problem.



I am taking gaba and lyrica now. I have hand jerkies. I fight to stay awake.


Oh and I stopped being patient with Roomie's idiosyncrasies. I call her out. One thing is I eat in peace and she is not fussing at me turn in my tray.


Recommended Comments

Keep working with assistant director. Get to know her and build a relationship if you can, then tl here your concerns "no happiness allowed"


Do you feel unsafe/threatened by your stalmer? If so talk to assistant director. If it doesn't change call licensinv again.


You have the right to feel safe and live.inan environment that is thteat free.

I will check and give you the actual citation within the licensing manual.


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Thanks Jay,for caring.

Ever since I confronted him,he has avoided me. He saw me go talk to the director too. His friend tried to mock me,discredit me,but all he ended up doing was pass the word that it was happening. I have more friends here than I think. Today at Pretty Nails time,I went to get a mani and there was a line of women and as I waited,2 male friends kept me company, giving their opinion about the color of nail polish I should wear, and then getting a trim and file themselves lol!

So I feel safe. That man wanted to harass me but all he did was embarrass himself so he is silent now anyway. But I admit I wonder what is next. His wife ignores me now too so that is good.


One of the guys who helped me choose a polish color also suggested I wear face powder,lipstick, and " that stuff women put around their eyes" because I am a good looking woman. I blushed to my toes. At least he approved of my haircut! Some here ask me why my hair is longer in the front than in the back! So the cosmetic controversy begins. I pulled out my compact and lip gloss. But I did not put on any eye stuff except mascara. In a nursing home,minimalist make up is best. So that was My Makeover. The guys were so helpful!

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