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I Got Disability!



I told my story and experience. The judge did not invite the voc proscution guy to speak. He said this is paid case. I was so relieved.


But after explaining how my world is now compared to the day before the stroke left me drained and deeply sad. I had just a little cry. I also teared up talking about driving,and when he granted my appeal.


My prayer answered. Now what?


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Good for you I'm very happy for you that it finally came through it just takes so darn long to be approved..... Your prayers were answered for sure thank God....

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Now you can make some new choices based on the fact that you have an income.  Look around you and see what is available to you that you can manage.

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I remember when I got my disability from the VA, man it took a real long time but it never stops until you die and you worked real hard many years for it...... Be Blessed my friend, God loves you!!!!

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Hi Pam, it's good news even if it left you feeling sad.  I hope once the reality of it sinks in you feel a bit better, and that hopefully now that fight is over you can get on with living the new life you have earned


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