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Taking Time To Talk To Everyone



My new roomie said it was nice I talk to everyone. I knew she meant that I talk to those with dementia. There is one lady who has a nice big smile fior me when I see her.Today she burst into laughter when I fussed over her. Then there is the lady I sit with until she falls asleep. I give her a piece of candy after bingo. I bring down women who cant talk to get nails done with me and let them pick nail polish color. It was so much fun getting my nails done.


Then,at night, a cna told me suddenly that I look so happy. She used to help me in the other room. I had other cna tell me they are surprised I lasted so long,and that others left her and that room.


It is so wonderful to look outside,see sky,and the garden.

My spirit soars.


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Its is wonderful if you to reach out to others

You are such a blessing to them. Isn't it great to see simeine smoke just because simeine took tinned tie say. Hello.


Continue tie did your good work, together we can make the world a better place vibe person at a time,



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