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had my surgery



well i had my surgery back in May. Now I am in OT. I cant squeeze my fingers anymore since the doctor released the tendons. I had to wear my arm bandaged up for 2 weeks and now Im in a cast for 6 more weeks. I cant wait to get it off and see my wrist straight! My fingers have been curling back up but hopefully wearing the splint and doing OT will get them straight. Thank you all for your support


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Katrina, it sounds like here is a lot of work to be done once the splint comes off. Congratulations on the progress you have made so far, you just have to be patient a little longer.

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I have my surgical review this afternoon, 4 weeks after my cast came off. Mine was leg not arm but it's worth it.  My toes are being like your fingers, hopefully they'll adjust again soon. It's hard getting everything working again once the cast is off but it's so nice to have things start to move where they should, rather than just being locked. Good luck with 6 weeks in a cast I nearly went crazy with 4 weeks of it.

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Iam  please you got throug the surgery. Good luck with 6weeks of having a cast. You can do it, you  are a fighter.


Take  care, God bless



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