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Playing Double Solitaire



My son gets me cards regularly to share with another lady who plays solitaire 27/7. She is 93 And hard of hearing. No words needed. When we get together to play we go for 2 full hours until the next meal. She is a serious player. I get distracted chatting with others sometimes. And others come begging to be dealt in a hand of Rumy. That is what they play with her when I am not around....and I have not been in a while....And my son had my tote bag with cards for safe keeping the last couple of weeks while I did procedures.....So TODAY we played cards.

There are some strange people here that are pure toxic....3 that are at eachother....like kids.....I never know if they enemies or friends.......and their common bonding is a woman with dementia that they parent..protect...common thing unites a band like that....


and today they were going on about how they did not have any cards to play with...because me and the card shark were doubling down on double solitaire.

Oh no cards around here or games of any kind....


So we played on

she taught me

and I havə a passion for it

 I love this game





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It is common that people in nursing facilities  take a while to find friends, I'm glad you have  made some. Sadly because your best friend is older your time with her is limited. Enjoy her company while you can.

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It's so nice you are making friends and finding likes as well. Don't feel shy about your passions they are what it is all about. Enjoy every moment you have with your friend. You never know you may make more friends with similar passions. It really feels nice to share with someone. :humming:

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