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it finally happened..



So while I was driving at night, around 11:30p leaving work last night, I saw flashing red and blue lights in my rear view window.  As always I was very nervous because of  having a hard time seeing at night. So the black and white had EXTREMELY bright spotlight shining in my side mirror that pointed directly in my eyes. I already had a head ache and super tired. I just worked 3-11 after working all weekend.   The officer, or first officer of 4, yikes four, knocked on my driver side window and asked if I was drinking or doing illegal drugs. ( side note:: my father informed me that the area I work in and near is known for many arrests of DUI or DWI)  I put my license on my lap with my other documentation and of course when they walked to my window I dropped it and couldn't find it. I eventually found it between my seat, while he was standing there. I screamed " I found it" and didn't realize he was standing next to me.  I told him I had a stroke and due to SSDI not paying my bills, I had to go back to work and showed him my work ID. When they walked back to their car, I'm assuming when they ran my ID, it said I was a registered handicap driver and must have my heath reason .. I think? But ultimately, and thankfully, he walked back to me and issued a warning. I said I really wanted to go home and sleep.


 My fear always has been I would be asked to do a sobriety road test and I know I would fail.. That was close enough to my nightmare.  


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Oh wow Kelli! That would have freaked me out...and those lights!!! I'm glad everything went smooth.

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That was a scary experience Kelli, you did well to get through it. Glad you are registered as a handicap driver so they could just issue a warning. Hope this doesn't happen again.

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Kelli :


I am glad you just got warning. I  think you should try to get all morning shifts. With your eyesight driving during daylight is better.




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