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I Think I Won!!!



I just wanted to share my long awaited happy news. I had my disability hearing Thursday and my lawyer says he is 99% positive that I won my case. He is only not saying yes you won because the judge did not directly say that in those words. The testimony questions and answers back and forth between the vocational expert and the judge ended with "There are no employable positions in the general area for Ms Miller". The judge ended the hearing at that statement. My lawyer who has 35 years experience in SSDI law all but said you won. He just said now we wait about 4-6 weeks for the decision letter. He said he also has access to my file online and will know the answer much sooner and will contact me as soon as he knows something. I just wanted to share and say thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive. So many positive changes are coming. I am absolutely overwhelmed with joy and peace. Thank you Lord.


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Massive HUGS to you :hug:

It's such a pity that we have to fight for things that should just happen automatically

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I am so excited and looking forward to hopefully having my own place. In the same token, I am scared to death to look forward...weird I know. I know I will get about 1/3 what I used to earn, maybe 1/4. My mom is helping me to utilize every available kind of help I can get. I'm thinking too far ahead lol. In the moment I am still praying all will be good. I also am over the moon! 🌛

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Tracy :


so happy for you, I read somewhere which I know real truth & worked for me, don't look too far in future that increases anxiety, don't look back in past that creates depression, stay in present & enjoy your NOW now.  everything will fall into place, just take one step at a time & in positive direction



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