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celebrated another birthday with my loved ones feel so blessed



I  still have jet-lag of happiness. on Friday celebrated another birthday with my loved ones, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by so much love.  I got jackpot in set of family & friends who decided to stick by us & come in our life. feel so fortunate to have all of them in our life. like every year hubby took day off my birthday & we visited my favorite temples with our friends & dinner at one of my favorite restaurant. every one who mattered called or left messages for my birthday, party extended till weekend, my sister planned big get together at her home & sister in law made cake from scratch, so big fun party at sisters place.  I turned  49 this year, I had never imagined I could be still happy after stroke. & I can be still life of party even with my disability. I am thankful for my sense of humor which is still as sharp as before, so I am still able to laugh on myself & others. I don't care about my dance ability any more, as long as I am having fun that's what matters.  & nowadays I  don't care what others think of the way I look or dance, I find myself very inspiring with the way I am, so fun life goes on.




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Happy Birthday ASHA, enjoy the parties and the fun. You survived for many reasons, one of which is to be our inspiration herein the Blog Community.

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Happy Late Birthday Asha! I somehow missed your post. So very glad you and you family and friends have truly stuck together and that you had such a great Birthday!! 🎈🎂🎁 I am less and less concerned of what others think and it is the best thing! I'm so happy that you have fun...you should!!! 🙋

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