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girlfriend group



my wish finally came true, I always wanted girlfriend group with whom I can talk to about anything that is in my mind. Finally it happened, & I met with 4 other ladies on Friday for lunch at one of the person's home. It turned out most of them are way older than me & are now grandmas, only one person in there was still young one. but what I have learnt from joining this site that even though most of the members who I met here initially were older and from different socioeconomic, but underneath we all were struggling with similar emotions, So I think I will still give this group shot & see where it will leads me. I am realizing how blessed I am & kindness of higher power, who always helps me out.





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 Most of my life my friends have been older than me,older and wiser, and that has helped me in so many ways. I hope you find the same with your new group of friends.

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Asha I was thinking about your group this arvo.


Most of my friends,  my close friends,  have moved away from my town.

I still have friends here,  but not really friends I can pour my heart out with. 


I really do wish you and your group all the best. 

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Asha I wish your group is a blessing as well. We all need comradery and friendships. I think age is only a number and that inside many of us at different ages are very relatable. Kudos to you and your group!

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If you find some soul mates then who cares about demographics.

Look at hearts and for supporting you.

It will be refreshing I am sure and you bring so much energy wisdom and fun to the mix!

Remember who we are makes a difference!

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What everyone else said. I find I'm spending quite a bit of time with my mother's friends these days. Mostly they are older than me but younger than her. I don't think age matters that much.


Enjoy your new besties

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