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Oh Pam.

You certainly have a very big cross to bear. 

I pray for a steady hand for the biopsy guy and a compassionate spirit from him and his team. 


With you in spirit whilst you await results. 

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Pam I am thinking about you. You are one of the bravest survivors I know...you always give me inspiration. Praying for you...the procedure, the results, the next step if any. I hate I can't be there to hold your hand...know I'm there in spirit. (((Hugs))) <----- (I got this tip from Sue 😁. It's a warm fuzzy virtual hug! Thanks Sue!)

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 Pam I hope you are pain free and were able to sleep after the procedure. One day at a time my friend. I know how tired you can get of being strong so relax and know that many are holding you in their prayers.

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More HUGS from me too. I do hope it's good news! try not to worry about it until you hear results but that is so hard.


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