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what will be my one word for year 2019



Happy New year everyone. time is flying by so fast. 2018 got over so quickly, My 2018 was year to be grateful for, lot of new & challenging things happening in my life, though with those challenges also came  feeling confident in myself was biggest reward Though lot of times during year felt like giving up, but with not giving up, I see growth in myself. I grew more confident in my ability than inability. Now 2019 is here, year brings in lot of anticipation. I am scared & praying hard for everything to fall in place for our son. Its year full of anticipation & I wish & pray all his hard-work pays off & he is well onto path of his chosen field.




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So my one word mantra for 2019 is “Be”.

 That leaves the door open for me to ‘be’mindful of others or to ‘be’more empathetic to others and also ‘be’ more loving to myself so just to ‘be’in the moment ...just to exist and to add whatever action after that word I want to accomplish for the year .

 I believe sometimes people put so much emphasis on what New Year’s resolutions they want to accomplish. Then when they don’t accomplish something  they are a devastating because they feel like they have failed when in fact they had to work up to that goal incrementally. So to  become a better person , I will start being more mindful of my current situation and others. After I have become comfortable and With my actions, my goals  will become that much more attainable 

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Well said. 

So many people set unrealistic goals.

Or way too many.

Being better at something is an excellent resolution. 

Asha my daughter is heading into her last year at high school.

She suffers terrible anxiety. 

My goal will be to understand her better, to enable her final school year to be memorable. 

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I have Enjoy as my word again this year. I think I let the leg operation and dissection dominate my life last year and am not going to let it take another year of my life.  2019 is mine to enjoy. Asha, with your support and that of your husband and extended family your son will be fine

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Ok...three words. I am open-grateful-look forward-feeling inner peace (even if at moments). 🙏

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My one word is life.


Only our life.

Only our story.

Only our experience.


But lately we see the value of sharing.

End hiding.

And each has value. 

Forget worldly concerns.

Seek. Aspire. But value life.


God bless you all.

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Today I decided my one word will be routine.

Without it, everything else just falls apart.

I have worked hard all week at getting out of bed on time, so the rest of the day can go to plan.

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