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A Chigger



Over the weekend I had almost like a snake bite on right leg.  Didn't feel but noticed 2 red  bump on foot, axle level.  I suspected a spider had caused this.  Didn't feel much at first.  Monday it started to itch on right.  This morning woke with 2 more bites on the left ankle about the same distance apart and looking like snake fangs pierced the skin.  Boy is the left bites unbearable.  

Apparently its a chigger or Trombiculidae.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trombiculidae.


Feeling on the left ankle is very irritating.  The right not so bad.  So found something good from my stroke.  I've been trying all sorts of bite and itch ointments and remedies on the left foot.  Right is just a slight itch.  It is redder and larger but doesn't feel it as bad as the left.


Interesting little critter.  Looks like its out of a science fiction movie. Just glad I'm not scratching both feet. So another little advantage to my stroke.


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Oooh! Ouch! Just read up on chiggers and they seem much like our grass ticks that are usually more of a hazard to pets than people. From past experience I know itchy skin is a nuisance at night when you scratch it unconsciously. Find something soothing to put on your bites and wear long pants outside for a while. Not something you want to add to your summer.

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SW it does look like they go by various names, chigger the one I come across and just found it a neat word. I think it was referred to as grass mite, and grass fleas.  

Oh that will power not to scratch. 

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Living in Florida for a time, I have FOND memories spending all day putting clear nail polish to try stop the itch. And in New Jersey, I was introduced to Chigger-X and thay kinda helped

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In the summer of 1962 I was with my family visiting relatives in Joplin, Missouri. After a day of fun at a near by creek with my brother we went back to my Uncle's where we were staying. Under my belt was an unquenchable itch and what looked like a rash on my skin. Being from Michigan I had no idea what was going on. My Uncle Earl laughed and laughed because the northern lads had never heard of chiggers. 

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That has to be the absolute coolest name for a tick!

I'm Stealing that!!


When we buried Wayne's dad's ashes, we ended up having a picnic in the bush. A terrible day for many reasons,  but mainly because Wayne's uncle got a tick in the corner of his eye and had to have it cut out, and then surgery when he got back to Perth.

Total nightmare. 

Madade you look after yourself 


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