So this week I engaged in more work around the house and garden with some significant results. I offered to help with vacuuming the house. The to and thro motion of this induces a strange headiness as I transferred weight from one foot to the other. Later my walking changed to a longer stride and during my first walk of the day, which id from house to barn to feed horses, the walk felt vary natural and indistinguishable from my pre-stroke walk. It still gets a little wobbly as the day goes on and I become tired at the end of the day.

We have also been doing a lot of harvesting and i have bee a lot more active in this.  The bending and pulling seems to be bringing more core muscles on line , though I pay for my efforts with muscular stiffness the next day. Also the other day I was harvesting potatoes with a fork and found i could actually balance on my left leg and drive the fork into the ground with my right and balance all forces concerned. Had I tried that a couple of weeks ago I would probably ended up on my *beep*.

I still tire more easily that before but my stamina still continues to improve.

Picture below show potatoes harvested. That's a few meals there. Lead pic is white egg plants, zucchini and winter squash. 




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I'm so jealous of your gardening and harvest Wev.  Looks good making my belly grumble.  Change mindset....off to treadmill.

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Sounds like good progress Kev. A little challenge makes it much easier to not only progress but to see the results. Keep it up. Those vegies look great. enjoy.

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Like Mark I am envious of your crop but mate you have earned it. You are working t hose muscles that will improve your movement and reap the benefits later. Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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kev :

enjoy your harvesting, I am amazed by your farmin skills & more you do vacuuming around the house easier it will get & you will have one more thing in your list you can do which means one less work for your spouse & you feel good contributing member of the family.


enjoy building your post stroke new normal life



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