Treadmill Battles



Personal Best For Speed & Time


6 years and this device has certainly been a large part of my recovery. 


 The photo was from 2019 March 5. Wearing ankle weights, compression pants and ab support.  


I remember the first time was in a harness and on a treadmill with 3 therapist all working on instructing and guiding my legs on the treadmill.  Each session they lowered the harness and I put more weight on my legs.  


I did mostly a recumbent bike for strengthening and cardio.  On nice days a therapist would take me outside to walk with a rollator on hospital


Spent 12 weeks working on walking and personal care in that hospital.  

Most of the actual treadmill in hospital was aided and no more than 20 minutes.  


Got home and got working and stayed with the 20 minutes was barely over 400 steps depending on the day.  


Nearly a year went by before started increasing time to double.  Took a while and there was lot of suggestion and aids I tried and still use to this day.


1700 steps that 2nd year was almost the goal for a whole year.  Figure thats all I'd ever get.  Enter therapist.  Try weight therapy.  What a difference.  Add leg brace again awkward but made a difference.  Then compression socks, then the pants.  Add TENS/EMS ab support.  Started to feel like I was gearing up for combat.  


Its been a juggling game with all the equipment and clothes to help along with recommendations when I walk.  Each day I mix it up with which aid I use depending how I feel when I get to the treadmill.  Usually try and do this around 10 am.  Do some sort of weights afterwards or workout routine that I've been instructed on.  


Been searching for an app that could guage others steps.  Step up was one I tried but it seems to not work to work with others.  Fibit has been the most supportive but most who used it with me have fallen to the wayside.  Suggestions as the google app thing is so trial and error.  


2700 steps 

3700 steps

4000 steps


September 1 2020 did the 3662 steps in 45 minutes.  I had on one 6lb leg  weight and I maintained an upright walk the whole time.  It would of made my family doctor happy as the "sweat equity" was definitely there only 2 slow downs to 1.7 mph.  I thought how  struggled 4 years to even get 1700 steps with a slew of emotions, and here I am doing 4000 step about 45 minutes. 


Been attempting to blog the treadmill battle for a couple of years.  Tried to stay focused.  Never boring this stroke recovery.


Tried to write this in 1 day but had to split it hope this make sense.  



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Congratulations. Lots of little things help, but the main one is keep working on it. Are you also working on core muscle control and strengthening off the treadmill? That should allow you to decrease the ab bracing/support over time. bridges, step ups, 4 point crawling, high knee marching etc. ask your PT for suggestions too. Think about the stages a baby/toddler goes through when building up to walking, you are now a toddler who knows how much falling hurts 🙂

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You are doing so well now. I am so glad you persevered and achieved so much. I hope others find that inspirational too. I can imagine you loaded with all that gear looking like a modern day Gladiator preparing to defend the Universe. Keep on keeping on.

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Oh Heathber you like the doctors and therapist.  I'm trying core muscle and a plank is the most effective but getting back up is the discouraging ppart.  Ab support is one method to walk upright and keep tension on abs.  Very hard to combine together.   Now you've also given me some new thing to try.  Certainly will give those a shot too Heathber.   


Why I love this site is the idea's and suggestions from others.  Thanks again ! 👍

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swilkinson I just did it for the right side.  Leg weights got into first issue and had to put the weights on both sides.  I started developing muscle on the bad side and was neglecting the good side so I now do both.  Forgot the weighted vest and with therapist we've have the weight all at the back and shoulder reason.  Again to force upright walking.  I have a binder full of the routines and suggestions.  Look back on it every now and then and surprised at how far have come.  


Thanks for the comment its certainly encouraging to write a blog.  Struggle with this more than the treadmill 🚶‍♂️

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Mark, not to worry, what you write is making perfect sense.  You have inspired me to get my heiney in gear and start setting a walking goal for myself. I have a dog, and if I used a treadmill, the dog wouldn't get her full walk, so I will increase the steps for us both!  My goal was 8000 steps a day, and I barely make 5000, so I will start recording my steps each day, to hold myself accountable. Maybe some of that Covid weight will come off too! As you said, this stroke recovery is never boring, and I have also learned a lot from this site.  

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Way to go.  Question, what do heiny gears look like?  Yes the goal was being set at the very start.  The 10 step was oh so hard a first.  8000 wow that is ambitious.  I've done it a few times but split up.  Outdoor gardening and treadmill together I've got over 10,000 but that a rare event that can do both and that it needs done the gardening part.  I do have to force myself to get on the treadmill.  Almost every time.  For me it gives me the sweat equity my doctor alway question me about. I don't get it walking down the road.  I'm tripping just thinking about all the thing we've tried.  Hovering at 195 pounds.  Mostly because of how much I eat hear.  Someone has to do the quality control here though.   

Thanks Sue and good luck with your future endeavour.  

Never, never, never give up! 



Heiny gears!!!!!!!!



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I'd love to know what heiny gears look like too. But I think I've found mine again too. I got "the lecture" from the physio on Monday, because I've been slacking off on the walking practice. I've been ordered to do 2 small walks a day, even if they are only 500m (10 -15 minutes) Also my gym group have a regular September step goal to get us moving after winter. We call it Laketember, because the goal is to walk or run around one of our local lakes every day for the month. Those who don't live close enough to the lake try to do the same distance where they are. So it's really can you accumulate 100km total distance over the month. I know from experience that the 100km will use too many spoons, so my goal is 50km. Doing well so far, day 3 and I have 7km done, and I aim to do 1 more km this afternoon, might need to take a rest day for day 4 though.


Mark the getting up off the floor thing is worth persevering with, it's a core workout on it's own. remember there are lots of core muscles, not just the ones the plank activates, you need to work front, back and side abs as well as glutes. Good luck with finding them.

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Great work on the treadmill. Yes mines been a core to my recovery also. I think it has helped with my stepping rhythm big time. My core muscles still need to come fully back on line. I notice it more in the saddle than walking. Yes this recovery stuff is slow and a lttle boring but...!

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