A Virtual Camp for 2020



For the last 3 years I've attended a camp for  brain injuries.  This year the powers to be formatted the camp for us to stay in touch.  No doubt it was a logistical head banger and something I certainly couldn't handle.  Kudo's to all involved for pulling off the virtual camp.  


They had an opening ceremony to explain the Zoom and times.  They mailed out a package with a T-shirt which they do every year for campers.  Supplies for the activities which you felt you could handle.  


The first event I participated in was the scavenger hunt.  The posted items on the Zoom Meeting.  The allowed time to hunt.  Here is an example of my items for a stuffed animal a yellow rabbit. Something with wheels, a John Deere toy tractor, a ball my therapy ball, something that makes bubbles.  A motion activate bubble machine, a item that means something.  A portrait of my in-laws.  


Then everyone held up their finds.  They posed a question.  What did we find neat about this exercise.  For me it was I didn't realize that there was lights on the tractor I got 3 years ago.


After the session was done they logged us off for the next session to start.  Which for me was the next session. A pre-recorded motivation speaker with a brain injury.  She was witty but didn't appeal to me.  


The last event for me was Bingo game at 7 pm.  There was 2 bingo card in the package and puzzle pieces were suppose to be used as the markers.  I missed those instructions as my computer would connect sound.  So I had different colour markers handy and used them to mark the game card.  I'm not really good at listening to a bingo caller.  They had virtual prizes. Which made us all laugh.  


The letter X was to be a Ford F150 and I won.  Wouldn't you know a virtual truck.   It didn't require gas or insurance the comments came back.  


That ended my Thursday onto Friday I had yoga at 10, a zoom chat at 11. There was a "planking exercise" competition that happened next.  Getting everyone on the ground and camera or phone positioned was interesting.  We did 3 sets of the plank exercise.  I lasted for a little over 2 minutes.  Must confess I had been doing these as part of my weekly routine


Then a canvass painting lesson with the paint and canvas they had mailed us.  It was instructional with a bird as the main focus.  I needed a pencil to start sketching the bird.  I found a pen.  Then when the painting came I could get the paint out.  Along with that I had no method of cleaning the brush off to switch.  

I tried but the right hand didn't work good.  I ended up with a hummingbird sort of as my beak went long.  It was recognizable.   Lacked water and brush cleaning.  Was neat to learn some of the blending techniques.


Some of the campers were quite talented at painting.  More prepared than I was.  The next session was the annual general meeting.  Virtually again.  They were capable of recording for attendance and secretarial recordings so that was made easier.  Financially they are sound for now but didn't have the expense as it was not a actual camp with food and transportation cost and rentals.  Fundraising is down likely to sponsor funding other organizations on a rotational mode.  Hopefully the 2021 year will have them  more on track.


They asked each camper for suggestions and what they liked.  I enjoyed the trivia as it was done in smaller groups and easier for me to listen.  I also liked the win in the 

Virtual Bingo I had with the Virtual Truck.   Suggested perhaps dry rehearse some of the features of zoom if they go with it again.


 There was a campfire sing a long or dance not quite sure as in past years a got as far from the noise as I could. 


Saturday morning I started with hunting for a rock to paint.  The zoom schedule for the painting of the rock was at 11.  A little more prepare with a water rinse and some paper towels.  Listening to the instructors guidance for idea's I settled on a barn.  Tried to follow along with her colour mixing and blending tips and got a red tone more brown but it work for my rock.  It was a bit easier to do with the ideas being thrown out to us.  


Sunday was the last day of event and they've maintained a closing ceremony like they did at real camp.  They started it with a zoo visit also virtual.  We got to ask questions about the lemur's that was online.  The zoo owner told the many varieties, the habitat and how they are kept indoors as soon as it cools.  Very territorial animals and they don't survive well outside their territory.  The Lemur she had was 7 years old.  Likely to live till 15 in captivity with controlled diet and veterinary guidance.  Lots of question coming from other campers.  


Closing ceremony last login time for the zoom meeting.  A poem was read, A song.  Explanation of a puzzle piece for 2021.  Design it and it will be pieced together for 2021.  Neat!  They provide a postage and return envelope for puzzle pieces, pictures of t-shirt and Camp Dawn means to you paper.  

The President was a tad overwhelmed.  How successful the virtual camp turned out.  At the wrap up she said well good thing is no waiting for a bus this year.  All on time. 


I think it went rather well and many have indicated that perhaps this could be a monthly meeting/activity moving forward.  I think it was a great idea. 


Took me all day to stay focused enough to write this.  I'll try and select and link some photos from this virtual camp.  









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we in the U.S. are doing ok. The problemis  in young people still having parties, and going to any bar that is open.The rest of us social distance ans wear masks when it makes sense.The rate of infection and deaths is going down.Just seems like forever getting back to normal. The election is crazy and the pro sports in empty stadiums is just sad. 

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Its is confusing.  Upload to an album then link them to the blog. Also creating the album has two confusing steps.


I use to navigate sites like this in seconds now it seems like days tp comprehend the order in which thing must follow proceed.


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The photos are great!


Love the shirt, especially the back!


The bird artwork is gorgeous. 


So glad you figured it out Mark.


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Yes the T-shirts have been a collectable every year.  This year they mailed them out to everyone.   I enjoyed the rock painting and hope that they do future zoom crafts like the painting exercises.


I just don't get the double entry of photo's on the site.  It give me a lot of pondering every time.


These past few weeks I've been more active and trying a whole lot more like keeping with the blogs here.   


So impressed and jealous of KevRider accomplishments, postings, gardens but it motivates me.  


Green Queen & Heathber also give me a kick.   

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Ooopsie....unless giving you a kick is a good thing??


Yes, keeping up with Kev is very motivating.  I'm just waiting for him to grow nachos...yum!!


The double entry with the photos confuses me too, but worth it once figured out!



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Yes anytime I'm prodded along.  Difficult out here to stay motivated.  Plus side, I am well away from Covid-19 hot spots.

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13 hours ago, Madade said:

  Plus side, I am well away from Covid-19 hot spots.

Yes Mark, that can be a double edge sword. 


We have had 2 cases in the whole Midwest area, and they were way back when.


Our state is going really well, but at the moment we have closed the borders and no one is getting in.


We go through the motions of social distancing, sanitation stations in shop entries, limits to how many allowed in shops...


I don't mind, as there's people out there like Heather, in major lockdown. 


But because of social distancing etc, I'm tending to stay home more. Very hard to stick to any routine when there's kind of no need...



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Mark, thanks for sharing. That looks like so much fun and I'm glad that 'the powers that be' were able to make it so everyone could join. It's not always easy to work the zoom thing., I still have issues but I think that the idea of a virtual camp is brilliant!!! I'm glad you had a good time and were able to see your camp friends. I would have been over the moon the whole time

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