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Roll on November



As of the first of November I am allowed to travel . It has been a long time coming. I have been fully vaccinated since the end of June but the State government has been slow to release us from the Greater Sydney area.. But that is set to change on November 1st. We will still be masked and social distanced but we can move around again. Now that is something to be happy about.


During lockdown and the past three weeks my life has been very routine. Gardening has been a life saver, something to draw me outside, mild exercise and because the kids next door were also outside, interaction with others. The past three weeks some more shops opened, we were allowed to sit and drink coffee, I actually went out to lunch once and the Lions Club met last Tuesday for dinner. It is not freedom yet but at least some social encounters can take place.


I know in a few years we will laugh at our panicking about this virus and the government response but we are all afraid to a certain extent of dying or having an illnesss which will have life long side effects. In 1990 I had a virus that required ten days in hospital with some fairly experimental drugs that eventually saw me cured. However a third of my right lung that was compromised then is now hardening. So I didn't come through it unscathed. I think the same may happen with Covid.  


So we soldier on. The strokes Ray had taught me to just get on with life. At times when I didn't know what to do I just did the next thing on the list. Sometimes I felt like giving up but who would have looked after Ray if I did?  Sometimes when I was in chat or when I posted something on here someone made a kind comment and that was enough to lift my mood and the kindness and concern by people who I hardly knew gave me the courage to go on.


So thank you to all those who offer others encouragement on here. I know sometimes we seem to have do little to offer but our comment and the comments of others build us up and encourages us to go on. I don't need to be here now in a way but I still want to stay and interact with others who are in the same position Ray and I once were. Basically I want to express concern and repay the kindness that wa once shown to me. That is important to me.


So I hope that those who read this will soon be enjoying some new freedoms too. I hope that you can plan some reunion on Thanksgiving Day or at Christmas or whatever festival you and your family celebrate. I hope your circumstances improve and you can move around freely again. And we then can  truly appreciate the true meaning of freedom in a caring community.


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So glad freedom is yours again Sue!


We are opening borders to you guys next year.


We have no idea how to cope with long lockdowns, and hopefully we won't find out!


Thanks to you, I do know that whatever happens over here, we will cope.



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