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A Whiapering Night

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A Whispering Night


A black and moonless night,

so void of light.

No stars in this sky to view the minuteness of our lives.

No moon to reflect the everwiding circles

of the pool in our minds desire.

It tis a night when clouds swirl like ravens wings in flight.

where no breeze dost whisper thru the trees,

nor break the stillness oftheir leaves.

A night so dark and black that only lost souls

of long ago do move freely thru

the stillness of this night.

Where dreams are captured in the showdows of this darkness

and then so slowly are forgotton.

O'Bless the dawn that breaks this cursed night,

And brings forth new light.

For this has been A Whispering Night.


By William Moyers

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As always I love your stuff. This one reminds me of something......


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