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What to call it?



I have a ton of stuff swirling in my brain today. To give you an idea- Karma, reincarnation, Existentialism, Kierkgard, Kant's Manifold of Destiny(does anyone understand what he was saying? He fries my brain!)philosphies of Buddihism, Paganism and on and on. My brain just never stops or shuts up, plus all the mundane lists of things to do for christmas, moving, ect ends to tie up before I leave the state. Baggage to unpack and or throw away. Now I understand where Scarlett was coming from... "I'll think about it tomorrow" Sounds good to me.

I did manage to take a break from thinking and go shopping online. Shopping online is always fun. I'm going to a real store on Wednesday morning, yippee my first venture out shopping this season. Plus, I'm looking forward to the trip to Barnes and Nobles, that is always a easy 100 dollar store.But I still have books to read yet, so not buying nothing for myself.... gift purchases only.

Have to hit the grocery store to buy refridgerated cookie dough.

secret.gif SSShhh don't tell santa... I did buy presents for myself online this morning.



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All I remember about Kant is his famous 'categorical imperative' aka principles of good behavior apply to everyone. If you're studing these guys in historical order, they make more sense because one often builds on (or debates) the others who came before them.



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Ahhh! Pam your list reminded me of studying Ethics in the early 90's. I said to my lecturerer: "I don't understand this." He answered: "My dear girl, just understand enough to answer an exam question on them if you need to." Very sound advice.

Now I don't read anything more highbrow than I need to, I prefer non-fiction, biographies and an occassional murder mystery. If I want wisdom I can come here and read Jean's blogs.

Take it easy shopping. Never spend all you have on the one day.


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pam. :


I agree with sue. I hav also quit reading philosophical books, any time I want wusdom, I read Jean's comments and blog.


so stop torturing your brain.



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