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Feeding Tube change

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TGIF! I am really poopped! I got up early today. Well, early for me, 11 am, that is! Getting up after 12 pm is one of the perks of taking drugs that make you always tired, plus a fringe benefit of being medically retired. I put this blog in my Venting category because I'm burned out from getting up early to have my feeding tube replaced.


Do you know how they did it? I didn't even get out of my wheelchair. The doctor reclined me back, lubricated my tube with K-Y, worked it back and forth in an obscene gesture and then when he was happy with the lubrication, yanked like heck!


The older feeding tubes had a bulb attached to the side that goes in your stomach. The yanking is necessary to get that 1" diameter bulb out of the 1/4" diameter hole in my stomach. I literally gave birth to a plastic bulb today.


I'm a manly man so I didn't cry. It did smart, though! I'm sore and tired now. I might have to sleep until 4 pm tomorrow. Anyway, everyone will be relieved that I still came home, got on-line and worked on organization business for several hours.


I'm off to bed. It's going to take a week for me to recover from getting up that early!

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Hi Steve,


It's about time you set a good blogging example for the troops. biggrin.gif Glad your procedure went well.




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it's about TIME a man gave birth to something!!!!!! lol

i'm glad to see you have decided to "blog on". at least you are smart enough to know to click on the PUBLISH button. i was blogging for DAYS, before i mentioned i was blogging to jean and she let me in on the "secret".


happy valentine's day!!!!!


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