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When does it end?



Today is not a good day, it is the kind of day when I am fed up. I'm fed up with people professing to have my best interests at heart. I'm fed up with ones who believe in some form of interpretation of the bible assuming that I believe as they do. I'm fed up with having to depend on others. Lets just say I'm fed up with just about everything. We just got another foot of the white stuff, I'm fed up with that too. I no longer am enamoured with the beauty of snow.

The only good thing about today is it is Tuesday which means it is a Dog night at 9P.M. A whole hour of Dog the bounty hunter.


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Hi Pam


Had a similar day myself yesterday but persevered and finished up getting a lot done. Use you energy to clean out cupboards or some other task you hate doing. Throwing things on the ground always helps


I think this is just post Christmas blues. Nothing much to excite us in life.


You can always say: Bah!! Humbug!!



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