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Horse Crazy

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As a girl, I was completely horse crazy. I read all the horse books and I favored Walter Farly's "The Black Stallion" series. I also had a Shetland pony called Playmate. She had been trained as a cart horse or a trotter, she hated being ridden. Everytime I got on her back, it became a contest who could be more stubborn. She did everything to get you off of her back, she'd go under tree branches to try and knock me off, rub against the fence and buck like a wild bronco, if those things were unsucessful she'd lay down. But I was more stubborn then she. I had read the black stallion books, I knew I could tame her and I did. I was the only one who she'd let ride her. Perservering with her sure sharpened my horse skills and she was a good teacher as I never forgot the lessons she taught me,also there wasn't ever a horse I never got on.

My daughter Alex is 8 and just starting the horse crazy stage. So before I moved south, I made arrangements on Mothers Day to take her to my hairdressers house who has 5 horses so she could have a riding lesson and she looked adorable in the little black velvet riding helmut.

The horse was saddled up and Diesel the colt/2 months old was hanging close to his mama. Alex my daughter started to feel anxious as she stepped close to the horse. The horse's name was Vera and she was a gentle sweet horse. Alex was boosted up on Vera's back and she had a natural seat, she relaxed and looked like she had been riding for years. We started the long trek from the barn to the riding rink. Partway there, something was forgotten and we turned around and walked back to the barn. My job was to stand in the field and hold the lead rope. I had a few problems getting my balence to stand and hold the horse, first because the ground was so ubeven, I was getting tired and I was looking up at the horse and Alex. But I took a deep breath and got my balence, vera stopped moving around so I could stand there upright and hold her. Nothing beats the look on Alex's face as she sat upon that horse. The saddle was removed and Alex was boosted back up on Vera's back. Alex got to ride her bareback. We walked back over to the riding rink, I walked across the field as that cut down on the walkjing distance but I found out fields are really uneven after horses have been running around there in the mud.duh, I never thought of that. But I eventually made it to the riding rink, exhausted and watched Alex ride around the rink.

Alex was on top of the world once she found out Vera and Chickie's daughter had won the National horse championship in 03, so our little mother/daughter excursion took on huge proportions in Alex''s eyes. Riding a chanpionship show horse being taught by a championship rider. what more could an 8 year old ask for?After the riding lesson, Alex pitched in and helped excersise the horses, Diesel and his mama vera. Then she helped feed the horses. Then she went on a 2 hour trek in the woods with Chickies youngest daughter who was just a few years older then Alex. I wobbled my way up the hill to the house and sat on the deck and drank a glass of Merlot. When it was time to go home at 7:30, I was more then ready. I came home and fell in bed and was asleep in minutes before 9 P.M.

I was glad taking Alex riding was something I could do before I moved. As Alex's dad is scared of horses, so it is something he never would have taken her to do. I also never would have known I could walk as far on uneven surfaces as I did if I hadn't taken Alex riding. It was a great mothers day afternoon.


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hey Pam:


you had great mother's day with ur kido, man it sounds like you live in country. I still have to find here where they give horseback riding lessons, once I find it, I m going to register our kido for lesson


my niece was crazy for horses the way you were, she would say I will marry the horse trainer when I grow old.


It's great feeling seeing your child enjoy stuff which you like to do


I m so happy for u, Alex will remeber this day for years to come




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After my husband came home from hospital recovering from his stroke, he used to sit on deck and just watch the horses and young foals. Horses are really good for the soul. Trudy Weichers

If your daughter likes to look at pictures of horses our website is www.sundancerpasofinos.com

it needs to be updated but time runs short here.

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