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Ablog about Nothing

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If you tuned in to this blog or this page and are expecting to be mentally stimulated, amused or entertained, well you can stop reading cause none of those things are my purpose today. I haven't been able to come up with a subject. My mind is blank. I've wandered around the board for awhile, looking for inspiration but haven't found any. In fact the lack of material on the message board that I might find inspiring makes me wonder what has happened? Where have all the intellectual thoughts and topics gone to? Aren't any of the other 4800 members thinking?

What books is everyone reading?

What are you doing for motivation?

Any special plans for the summer months? Me, I have visions of sitting up at night, listening to the train whistle in the distance that is fighting to be heard over the grasshoppers or "peepers" and drinking a glass or two of wine, maybe snacking on some cheese, pepperoni and crackers and having some smooth jazz on the stereo and some good stimulating intellectual conversation. Anything is better then " What'd you think of those Mets"????? I don't think anything about the Mets or baseball in general. I am not a baseball fan. In fact the one time I did go to Yankee stadium and see the yanks play the Oakland A's, I fell asleep during the game and ended up drooling all over myself and was quite embaraased. To me, watching baseball is akin to watching grass grow. I know how unamerican am I?

In my own defense, I'll watch football 24/7 if I could. The end of August can't get here fast enough. Especially that I hooked up with a fellow New Orleans Saint fan. Not many root for the Saints, I have for years cause I like underdog teams. I also root for the Buffalo Bills cause they are the only true NY team left. They at least didn't slink over to New Jersey but still want to be known as the NY Giants or NY Jets. Hey you play in Jersey, you stay in Jersey. I don't care who built their stadium.

Well look at that, my blog about nothing turned into a mini rant about the Giants and the jets. I'm off to relax on my patio and enjoy the breezy lazy sunday morning breeze.


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Have a cocktail or two while you are relaxing, and we will wait to hear wisdom from you later today or tomorrow for sure.

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Hey Pam,

I can't wait until August either. I could watch football 24/7 too!! The only difference is I'm a major Miami Dophins fan. Go figure!! The first NFL game I went to was last December paid for by my bosses as a Christmas gift. How cool is that!?! We played Buffalo and won. The game was awesome because we were way behind almost the entire time. People had already left when we came back to win. The whole experience was great. I had heard about the tailgate parties but to actually see it was soooo different than what I had expected.


I guess this blog was about something. At least to me. AND I guess I'm unamerican too because I could care less about baseball. Never got into it.


If you guys ever come down for a game let me know and we'll hook up and have a tailgate party of our own. :beer:

Take care,


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The only tailgate parties I had ever experiewnced took place at West Point, where the snowy white linens were used, the silver candleabras and the women were all in skirts and dressed up partying in a field overlooking the Hudson river and putting on such huge spreads of food, it would boggle anyones mind.

My very first game I was impressed with the concept of tailgate parties. My first attempt at a tailgate party was very simple, a sub sandwich from a deli, a pepsi and a bag of chips. It worked for me. I never went so far as to bring linens or candles or a grill. And I sure wasn't wearing a skirt!

But I'll tailgate with ya anytime!



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