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American Romantic era writers

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I have a new project I just started. Since my stroke I have become interested in writers of the romantic era. Originally I liked the English poets Byron and Shelly. Then Mom pointed out that there were plenty of good American writers from the same era and I shouldn't become an elitist snob...... So that has stuck in my head and finally when Bill and I went to Barnes and Noble and wandered around that store for close to 5 hours and each found a book, plus we enjoyed a starbucks coffee and split a piece of Godiva chocolate cheesecake, what a way to spend an afternoon. But I digress, I was checking out books by David Henry Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson.I choose one by Thoreau and I have to say I would have been his groupie if he was alive today. I love the way that man thought. I know he was considered a free thinker in his time and he really was one but I find him appealing, I'm a new fan. I would have existed on the fringes of society with him in a heartbeat, maybe even given up all the comfort trappings of civilized life. As long as I didn't have to sleep in a tent...... that is just something I won't do.

I'm excited reading his stuff just like I was when I first discovered Zen or philosphy. It is about time I read the works of these writers.



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Amen to that thought, Pam!!! We do have a lot of good American writers from the romantic era. I'm glad you finally found your way to one of them.


Your afternoon at Barnes and Noble is a copycat of what Don and I do in book stores once a month. Only I don't know how you ever got out of there with just one book each!



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what a healthy and loving thing to do to pass your time -

We do have alot of great American writers & we should always try to keep our relationship strongby reading or doing whatever it takes to take the boredom out of not being able to be physical



:Clap-Hands: June

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