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well today was supposed to be the day to get heat . I woke at six in order not to sleep in so I could get a hold of the required people to get this together.. well got a hold of the adjoining neighbour and found him to be kind of grumpy,,,the energy people were clueless,the plumber was on time..well the grumpy neighbour showed up to put his guard dogs in the building,the plumber stayed and the energy lady was still clueless, put me on hold several times. 10 o'clock was the time to get all together and attempt but no energy man and the energy lady still clueless. By this time the neighbour was gone the plumber stayed and the lady still had me on hold... not knowing where in the world anyone in here dept was... put everything on hold and attempted to reinforce an unstable wall, not easy on a ten foot ladder..did get a wedge in there to stabalize it and then left.. cold and peed off. think plumber may have got the heat on, will know have a scissor lift so will be much easier... wish us luck... so goes another day in the world of real renos.. : :big_grin: :Clap-Hands: :Clap-Hands:


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