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heat turned on,,, happy happy... scissor lift in place,,, hubby trying to remember how to run it... well first attempt at cutting an angle on a mitre saw actually not too bad.. started to put up blocking and all went well but awful funny smell. Finished some off blocking and found air too hard to work in so had to quite and call the plumber as carbonmonoxide was coming into the shop and made it too hard to work...plumber came and found a large birds nest blocking the chimney. Good thing we realized that something was wrong or we may have been affixiated.. went home early and did some book work and then went for supper...hubby sick with the flu... end of day,,, time for a leisurely bath .... Another day in the life of a gofer ak liberated woman???? :cheer: :big_grin: :Clap-Hands: :


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So glad you realized the funny smell and called the plumber..!!!


Hope hubby feeling better soon... and hope you don't catch it!!!





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Deenie, nice to see your sense of humour coming through here. You could have kept that bird's nest and made soup out of it.


Thanks for the chat, I really enjoyed it.


Hang in there, the reward of being in a room that you have renovated yourself will be worth it.



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