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We had a fabulous time in...

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Las Vegas!


We arrived about 930am and managed to get to our hotel by 10:30. I had expected to just check our luggage then check into the hotel around 3-4pm, but when we got to the front desk, they actually allowed us to check in.

That was awesome to have a few minutes to settle into our room and refresh ourselves a bit before hitting the strip.


After we pulled ourselves back together, we headed across the street to the Bellagio hotel to partake in their lunch buffet. We heard it was one of the best ones on the strip, and the long line supported that theory. We didn't mind though, again it was a chance to relax for a bit. The buffet was very good, and I thought Patrick was going to need an insulin injection after all the desserts he ate! I asked him which one was his favorite, and all he could say was, "Apples and oranges!". I guess they all held a special place in his heart.


We continued to walk the strip, heading over to Caesar's Palace. We walked through it a bit, window shopping at all the stores I would never be able to afford an actual purchase. It's okay though, I don't need a $500 purse, although I might be able to find a use for a $10,000 diamond pendant or ring. Someday...


By this time we decided to go back to our room so Patrick could change his outfit (what a girl-lol). My feet were starting to hurt already, so sitting for a bit appealed to me anyway. After taking a brief nap, I contimplated putting those shoes back on. And contimplated it some more. And looked at the blisters that had already formed on my big toes and my little toes. So I put them on with tears in my eyes and went straight to the shopping area in our hotel. There was only one store with shoes, so I was determined I was not leaving it till I found the most confortable pair. Cost was not an issue at this point. I found a pair of rather ugly, super-comfy shoes that were around $70. More than I usually spend, but worth it. My feet felt great the rest of the trip.


We walked along the strip, trying to make our way to the Mandalay Bay where we were going to see a band at the House of Blues that night. We walked F O R E V E R. Funny how close they look, but you never seem reach your destination! I guess the size of the hotels makes them seem closer.


After we finally calapsed into our seats at the HOB, we were spent. It was only 7pm! The show started at 8pm, and both bands (Reckless Kelly, and headliners- Big Head Todd and The Monsters) were AWESOME! They both put on great shows, and BHTM played until 1130pm! When we left, there was no chance of walking back, so we grabbed a cab. Worth every penny.


We had planned to get something to eat back at our hotel, but we got there just after midnight and everything was closed. We were off again looking, and even the Barbary Coasts 24hour restaurant was closed! How frustrating! I eventually gave up and told Patrick I couldn't go on, I didn't care how hungry I was. It was after 1am when we got back to our room with a bag of Doritos from the vending machine.


The next day we went to the Paris buffet for breakfast which was also good. Did I mention we were STARVING?


After that, we were back on the strip and decided which hotel we had to visit before leaving. We decided MGM Grand, New York New York, The Venitian, and The Mirage were the must-sees of the day. We purchased monorail tickets to make it easier, but I am not sure if it really helps in the long run or not. You have to walk so far through the hotel to get to the monorail that I think its about the same. Oh well, I liked sitting for a few minutes.


All the hotels were fun, Patrick liked MGM best, I am not sure. NY NY was cool, I have never been to the real city, so it was fun to have a taste of it without the muggings. I liked the Mirage alot too.


We finally went back to our hotel to retrieve our luggage and put a few dollars in the slots. I came out a little ahead, Patrick blew all of his. It was fun.


We got to the airport by 6pm and touched down in Denver by 10:50pm (denver time). We found our car and pulled into our driveway around 12:45am.


Whew! It was a whirlwind trip, but SO MUCH FUN!

We need a vacation now to recover.


Talk to you all soon,


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Wow sounds like a great time and get away. I liked looking at the different hotels and shops too. I'm sure there is a BIG change, it's been 10 years since we were there.



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wow I am so happy you had great time in lasvegas and glad Patrick could walk that much on the strip, I always get tired, last we had gone our son was still in stroller, now he is 10, I enjoy lasvegas alwas for few days.



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