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These blog entries are MY thoughts, my observations, my feelings , my view of the world, my stories. First of all realize this blog is not an exstention of my opinions on the board, or in chat. These are my uncensored feelings, you don't like how I feel or what I blog about, then don't read it. No one is twisting your arm to read it.( Mo, this is not referring to you!) I will not change my feelings or thoughts because one person gets twitchy about how I feel about things. I am not a sheep that I must fall in with the masses so I fit in, I must think like everyone else, I mustn't give an opposing opinion because I may pick the unpopular one. Well guess what guys, this is a grown up world, I'm free over 21 and I can say what I please. I'm not a follower. We seem to have enough followers. I can state my opinions because they may not be yours doesn't make mine any less valuable, or bloggable. Nuff aid.




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You're entirely right. Blogs which are written as diaries or journeys should be our individual, honest venting at the world. They should be our momentary good and bad thoughts that can and often do change from day to day. Getting our thoughts out in a blog forum, where we don't have to be policitically correct or follow any rules like in chat or on the message board, has therapeutic value both for the writer and the reader. Reading some blogs seems so personal that I don't even comment of them because it seems like an invasion of privacy. But blogs are all different and fill different purposes in the lives of all of us who blog.


And take it from a person whose being keeping diaries for over 50 years, I understand fully that what you might write one day you might, the next day or next year, regret. HOWEVER, that 'yesterday' when you wrote it, you really needed to get that out of your system. Looking back at our blogs---the good, bad and ugly---really can help us grow. (I've blogged on that subject....the one where I was reading my old diaries and I observed that I've changed so much, it was like reading the words of a stranger.) People in the stroke world have a lot of things to work through. Blogs help us do that.




P.S. I forgot.....There is one rule in our blog community. No flaming of other members allowed.

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Pam I totally agree with Jeans comment the blog is like a extension of you and any thing your feeling good bad or indifferent is rightly placed in your blog. However I know you could never be a sheep or a follower you're an individualist and that's why I like and respect you. And quite frankly why I enjoy reading your blog. Let all out Pam. It does the soul good. your Friend Clark

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