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Two Steps Forward, One Back





Don's new carbon fiber brace came on Monday and it was short of amazing to see how well he could...... Click Here to read all about it and also about Don's last aquatic pool therapy and a new issue---an aorta aneurysm surgery on the horizon.




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Guest lwisman




I am sorry to hear of Don's latest set back. I will send positive energy in your direction. Hope all works out.


I agree aquatic therapy is great for stroke survivors. My new air tub is now up and running and boy is it good. The next best thing to a hot tub. I mention it because when I get out I feel really good, just like I did in aquatic therapy. I did do some exercises. :D


Tell Don we are thinking about him. Can't wait to see the photos of him standing up!

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sorry to hear of the aneurysm.. I will keep you both in my thought and prayers.in a few more trips you will have the wheel chair foling down pat.. and the shoe and brace also. Great on the aquatic therapy... and the laminated cards to follow.

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Jean I'm really sorry to hear about Don's medical problems. Try not to worry and I do know that that is much easier said than done. But even though I believe you to be a total pragmatist , you also give off wonderful feelings of optimism and hope. Thinking of you and Don. your humble servant Clark Taylor

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Hi Jean


It's been three days now since you posted so I hope all is well with you and Don. You two have done such wonderful things together and I know it dosn't get easier.


I am wishing you both the very best in your endeavors.


Smiles :)




ps Hi Clarke! Great to see your comment to Jean's post. It has been awhile since we last chatted old friend.



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