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Hey Everyone!

Billie Jo


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! It was a quiet one here. I made all the usual fixins! The kids were here and we had a good time!


Sorry I have been absent lately.. I try to keep busy enough with life that it doesn't always allow time here. Sigh..


My Mom's companion is dying of cancer. He is not doing very well.. I go to her house a lot to help her with feelings and other things. She is my rock! I don't know what I would do without her!


The kids are all excited for their birthdays Dec 17, and 21st then the biggest day Christmas!!


Jeff and I are heading to Shreveport LA next week for a few days to visit a friend of mine I met online 10 years ago! It will be a great time!! :)


Hope you all are doing GREAT and you are all in my prayers :)


Biggest hugs!


Billie Jo


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Billie Jo,


Glad you are doing well and keeping busy. You're your Mom's rock as she is yours. Hope you and Jeff have a great trip - it will be good to have a getaway.

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hi billie jo, good to hear from you. i'm sorry to hear about your moms companion. i t sure sounds like you are keeping busy. thats ok just don't get stressed out. your upcoming trip will be good for you and i hope you have loads of fun. have a safe trip and fill us in when you get back. happy birthdays to the kids too.

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hey Billi Joe:


great to know you are doing well and moving on with the life, hope you have wonderful holidays and new year.




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