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I have not been ignoring you all.. just a little absent lately

Billie Jo


Hello Everyone,


Sorry I have been absent lately.. well for a long while.. anyway..

I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas and a Happy New Year.


I have had another TIA on December 18th on our way home from Branson Missouri. It affected my left side again.. and I still have numbness in my left hand and mostly in my left foot around the big toe. But I have bounced back from the other strokes and have no doubt I will bounce back from this one.


I am now on coumadin so that should help with the clots I been getting. I sure as hell hope so! haha


I am doing therapy and have a great attitude most of the time :)


My step dad passed away on Dec 29th from a long bout with cancer. He was the only grandfather my kids ever knew. He will be missed. : (


Anyway I thought I should pop in here and let you all know what has been going on in my world. :)


I have an awesome family and that helps me through this all. As well knowing that I can come here and yak anytime I want.. Or just read up on you all.


I thank God for you all everyday.


Thank you!


Billie Jo


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Hi Billie Jo,


Sorry to hear about your TIA dear - was wondering where you've been. Hope you start feeling better. My deepest sympathies to you and your family in the loss of your Stepdad.

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Billie Jo, you were missed. I sometimes check back on page 2 and 3 of the blogs to see who has been off for a while. It is like losing a friend when someone stops adding to their blog.


Ray has had multiple strokes and TIAs too and I know what a fight it is to get back each time so congratulations on the effort you are making. It will be great when you have made it back to your old "new normal". I think Ray takes six months after each small stroke to feel as if it never happened.


Sorry to hear about your kids losing their "gandpa" it is so sad to see that generation go. And with them go all those special stories.


Good to have you back, happy blogging.



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Thanks for the up-date. Sorry it was not better news. You are a SURVIVOR for sure and have a wonderful attitiude.. most of the time is the "operative" word.. :)My sympathy on the loss of your step-dad. I am glad your children had him and he will be remembered with love in their hearts.It is so Great to hear your family is supportive.. and of course we are here for you too.((((((((((hugs))))))))) Bonnie

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hi bilyJo:


thank you for your updates and sorry to hear about your new TIA and passing of your stepdad. you have great attitude towards everything in life. please update us sooner since you were missed around here.




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hiya bj, i was wondering about you. sorry to hear about your tia. that sucks, hopefully the coumadin will stop the clots., i too have to be on blood thinners 2 of them. whatever it takes to prevent another stroke, huh. its a shame about your stepdad. but he no longer has to suffer with cancer now. you have your memories for the rest of your life and so do the kids. it is tough to lose a member of the family. i hope you and your family are doing better now. i'm sure your determination and hard work will get you recovered from this setback as well. keep us posted in how you are doing. come to chat when you feel up to it. we have missed you.

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