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Happy Valentines Day Everyone :)

Billie Jo


Howdy folks!


I am doing GREAT :)


Today is Valentines Day and I am so excited. hehe. I just know that the hubby has something planned for supper.. haha I know it will involve a nice juicy t-bone steak too hehe.


He is so good to me :)


Our daughter's dance team made it to the state competition. We are going to St. Paul tomorrow to watch them perform. I hope they do well! They have had a GREAT year :)


Well.. better get my fancy eatin clothes on.. haha


Everyone have a GREAT Valentines DAY!!!



Billie Jo


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hey BilliJo :


have wonderful valetine's day and night with your hubby and best of luck for your daughter dance team. they must be really good already reached to the state level that's big in itself.




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Hi all.. thanks for the comments. :)


We did have a nice dinner and the steak was delish I could eat one a day.. haha anyway.. we had fun :)


Victoria's team didn't do well at state they got 12th out of 12.. she was a little disappointed as would any 15 year old be.. but I told her "HEY silly girl, chin up!! At least you made it to state and that was what you all wanted" She agreed and all is well. LOL They are already planning their routine for next year :)


Hope you all are doing GREAT I think of you all often and pray for you often as well.



Billie Jo

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