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Miracles in Aphasia Land





I've been busy since I last updated my blog here. The usual caregiver and housewife stuff fills up a lot of time, of course. But I've also become pretty active at a couple of writers sites that I was asked to join after I won that $1,000 award. They have led to me writing and submitting a half dozen humor articles to print sources. I don't know what will come of them, but at least it keeps my mind occupied beyond the mundane game of trying to find the nest were the dust bunnies have been breeding.


If you're interested, click here to go to my Planet Aphasia blog


March 7th blog entry: Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks Miracles in aphasia land. Don accomplished something he hasn't been able to do since his stroke May 21, 2000!


March 1st blog entry: Plumbing 101: Aphasia Style What happens when a stroke survivor with aphasia is trying to teach his caregiver/wife about plumbing? Find out in this blog entry.


February 29th blog entry: Excellence in Teaching My husband, the movie star in a soon to be released textbook video being made about aphasia and apraxia.


February 22, blog entry: Third Friday Musing about life and a link back to one of my favorite articles about aphasia.



Click here to read The Cooper Chronicles Cooper, for those who don't know it is our dog-kid and he's really been spilling the beans about his checkered past and his parents. He's got nine new entries since I last blogged here at Strokenet about his starting a blog of his own. He's even added dancing poodles, a slide show and a poodle exercise video.




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Jean, "Plumbing 101" rang some bells for me, but Ray's comment was "I don't know" everytime I asked him a question! So me, the non-building contractor, fixed our leaking cistern by binding a plastic spoon handle to the broken piece and it worked again. Thank goodness for that!


I have to be carefuL of the appearance of Shrew-lady too as she appeArs when I am right at the edge of Frustration Peak and ready to jump into the yawning mouth of the volcano. I realise there is no other cure sometime except to blow the top off the volcano so the lava level can fall again.


Always nice when you write us another peek into your world.



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I am so happy for new improvement in Don and hope it continues and you guys are able to capatlize on it. I am sure that can give break to your aphasia decoder break sometimes. I enjoy cooper's blogs too a lot, coopers blogs makes you more human than angel in my eyes.






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