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Almost a year..

Billie Jo


Hello dear friends at Strokenet :)


Well.. it is getting closer to the anniversary of my first stroke. It all happend on March 20, 2007.. now some of you might wonder why I would celebrate such an occasion.. well.. I have thought long and hard about this.. and I feel that I am due for a big party as a survivor :) So.. on March 20th I plan to do something in honor of my survival.


Jeff (my hubby) and I are leaving tomorrow for the weekend to Deadwood, SD with a few of our friends. I so can't wait!! It has been so nice here lately and I can see spring in the near future.. so getting out with friends is going to be GREAT!! :)


Life has been pretty fair here since my last posts. So with that.. I will tell you that I feel great and am getting around very well all with the help of my therapy and my will power to succeed :)


you all take care and know that I think of you often even if I don't pop on much.. you are all in my thoughts daily :)


Hang in there!!


Bright Blessings

Billie Jo


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Billie Jo,


:Clap-Hands: and Congratulations on the one year mark dear girl. My first anniversary was met with mixed emotions as I was still struggling with acceptance issues. So...enjoy your getaway and have a blast.


Yes, spring is around the corner - thankfully.

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you have great attitude, it took me almost 3 years before I decided to celebrate my stroke anniversary. you are doing great in your post stroke journey. wih you happy anniversary I know you will be having blast with your friends and hubby.




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howdy all!! We did have a great time in Deadwood.. even if we didn't win much gambling.. but then.. everyday is a gamble and I am a winner that way :)


Thanks so much for all the warm wishes regarding my 1st anniversary of stroke survivor :) I am damn proud of it hehe



Billie Jo

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